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WhatsApp will allow you to edit messages after sending them: all about the new function

It is likely that sooner rather than later the messaging platform WhatsApp allow us edit messages once they have been sent to their recipient. So far this year, the application has stopped reinventing itself and innovating with new functions, some of them very original and well received.

In this sense, a text editing tool is a very interesting option because since it will not be necessary to delete themas is currently the case, it will only be enough to change the content once it has been sent to the contact.

According to the site specialized in information about WhatsApp, WABetaInfothis new tool would reach AppleiOS and Android, as well as the desktop and web versions of the instant messaging platform. This feature was announced very shortly after the messenger will include the reactions with emojis to messages.

What WhatsApp is going to do is add an extra button to the functions that we find when we click on a message.

The text editing function can be performed directly by simply pressing the message. Photo: WABetainfo.

Right now we have in the menu the option to delete and the information about the shipment. The text will be edited from the text fieldas if it were a normal new message, and not from the bubble of the already sent message.

This tool is still in the development stages, so it is too early to know how it will finally materialize. What is clear is that the platform is focusing more than ever on improving the user experience, introducing new ideas and concepts that were previously unthinkable in the application.

This option is very useful when it comes to deleting messages, an option that won’t be necessary because we can edit the text directly and change its content. At the moment it is unknown if we will have a time limit for editing the message, something that does happen with its deletion.

WhatsApp also changes the states

WhatsApp statuses.

WhatsApp statuses.

On the other hand, the developers behind WhatsApp are also working on an indicator of response to status updates from its users. This is an icon that will accompany the last reply in a chat when it refers to a status update, to differentiate it from the rest.

This new functionality will be especially useful for a user to contextualize their interlocutor’s response by receiving a quick reaction to one of their status updates in a future version of WhatsApp.

In the mobile application, you will have to click on Status, at the bottom. On the desktop and web browser versions, click the broken circle icon in the top left, next to your user profile picture.

On the Status page, you’ll now see if someone actually left a status. This is shown in recent updates. Just tap on the circle to start the state. A progress bar will move from left to right across the top as the state plays.

When you reach the end, you will return to the WhatsApp status page. Also, remember that if the status is a video, it will play with the sound muted by default. To enable sound, tap once on the screen.

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