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WhatsApp scams are growing: step by step, what measures to take to protect your account

The messaging service offers different security configuration options.

The social networks and the Courier services They managed to become, over the years, an essential part of the life of each user. Within these platforms is a large part of the personal informationBesides the privacy of the conversations, so reinforce security WhatsApp is very important.

From messages offering money until the account theft, scams are increasingly common within the messaging service. To minimize risks, users have the settings needed to set up the account and keep privacy safe.

How to protect WhatsApp account

In principle, WhatsApp warns never share activation codethe 6-digit number that the user receives by SMS message when placing it on a mobile device.

To do this, as recommended by the platform, establish a Personal PIN so that your account is doubly protected. For that you must access from Settings/ Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification > Activate.

Prevent a third party from taking your identity so that your profile photo is only visible to your contacts. This is configured by going to Settings/Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile picture > My contacts. If a family member or friend makes an unusual request on WhatsApp, she calls the person to confirm their identity.

Group configuration

WhatsApp allows you to restrict who can see the profile photo, to avoid any identity theft.

WhatsApp has a series of privacy settings that help decide who can add you to groups. With this function you can choose between three options: Everyone, My Contacts, or All My Contacts Except.

Please note: My Contacts means that all users in your contact book can add you to groups, while My Contacts Except, provides additional control so that they can add you to groups.

Delete and report spam

If a message from an unknown recipient that is not in your contact list or share a group, there is no doubt: report any suspicious or misleading messages.

If you receive messages of this type, avoid clicking on them or their links. And never share personal information with the sender.

Check that it is a verified account

The WhatsApp accounts of official organizations have a green tick.  Photo: capture.

The WhatsApp accounts of official organizations have a green tick. Photo: capture.

When interacting with an official account, look for it to have the green check mark. Government chatbots, organizations and big brands have a green checkmark that identifies them as verified accounts.

In case you receive a message from a WhatsApp account that seems official but does not have verification, ignore it, it is false.

Remember to report and block the number to avoid falling for a scam.

Be wary of gifts on WhatsApp

Fraudulent messages on WhatsApp.

Fraudulent messages on WhatsApp.

Distrust people who ask or offer you money in exchange for a gift, messages for jobs that seem very attractive or to support a social cause; may be scams.

Block WhatsApp accounts

Anyone who receives a suspicious message can report it directly from the app. You even have the option to block the contact associated with sending that message.

In case you regret it or simply have done it by mistake, WhatsApp allows you to unblock a contact at any time by following these steps: WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts.

It should be noted that blocked numbers can no longer be contacted through the application.


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