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WhatsApp Proxy: how to activate the new function to chat without an internet connection

It is for users blocked in certain regions.

On some occasions -especially when traveling- it can happen that the WhatsApp service has problems connecting to Wi-Fi or accessing mobile data. And although there is always the possibility of suffering from poor connectivity, so is the user may have been region locked.

In such circumstances you will not be able to see the messages on a regular basis. However, WhatsApp just introduced a new feature called proxy that allows you to connect to a server for recover service without Internet.

The main advantage is that you can continue using WhatsApp, even if the connection is blocked or interrupted. It is something that can happen by accidentcuts by providers or by governments and public institutions of certain countries.

Without going into technical details of what a proxy is, it can be summarized by saying that it is a server that acts as an intermediary between a client and another server. Applied to WhatsApp, it acts as an intermediate point between the Meta server itself and the user, thus allowing there to be no obstacles to the use of the application.

How to access the Proxy settings.

This intermediary will help to continue having conversations in the application, although there is no other connection to Internet. What the proxy does is hide the IP address that temporarily identifies the device connecting to the network.

Being a emergency service, keep in mind that, for now, the proxy is used for text conversations. Calls, video calls (VoIP) and file sharing are not covered by the proxy feature.

WhatsApp indicates that the function of Proxy is contemplated in cases where it is not possible to connect directly to the application and is, therefore, an alternative through a server “set up by volunteers and organizations dedicated to helping people communicate freely and securely.”

An important fact is that, as the company itself states on its website, this configuration does not contraindicate the encryption of chats. Thus, it can continue to be used safely and privately with the well-known end-to-end encryption that the application has maintained on Android and iOS for several years now.

Activation is very simple and can be done from the application itself. In that case, it will be enough to open WhatsApp on the mobile device and select the ‘settings’ option.

Once inside, select ‘storage and data’. In some mobiles the Proxy option will appear and in others that of ‘intermediary server’. You will have to select it and activate the use of proxy by means of a switch.

When it has connected, a field will be activated in which a text must be used: 0.0.1. This is the proxy number that WhatsApp will use and will need to be saved once it has been entered. In case you want to deactivate the option, you just have to go back to the switch and turn it off.

WhatsApp: the new emoji keyboard

The layout of the new emoji keyboard.

The layout of the new emoji keyboard.

In its aesthetic renewal plan, Meta began to modify the keyboard emoji picker that allows you to locate the faces quickly, also includes a simple text field that facilitates the search.

It began to circulate among the beta testers, as indicated by WABetaInfo, who test WhatsApp news in advance. It is in the beta version, distributed through the Google Play Store, where they have debuted.

Now, with the adjustment, it will be easier to switch between the different categories: GIFs, emojis and stickers. The small buttons will be replaced by a long bar that houses different tabs to switch between the three elements. On the other hand, the emoji subcategories have been moved to the bottom.


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