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WhatsApp: how to activate the trick to change the font color

Although in terms of editing, the WhatsApp tool palette allows users to apply basic formats to their messages such as bold, underline, or strikethrough, there are other attractive features that are far from coming to the platform natively. One of the most demanded options is the one that facilitates a greater personalization of the messages and to be able to change the color letter.

And although the communication software introduced changes such as reactions, improvements in video calls and even the possibility of creating animated stickers with each of its new updates, it owes a debt to design.

Natively, the Meta family app does not have a technical possibility to modify the writing sources. Those who want to alter the size and in some cases the color, You will need to use an external application..

The problem with the abundance of alternatives is that not all of them deliver what they promise. Some include endless warnings, which end up wearing out the user’s patience. The recommended options are:

How to change the font color in WhatsApp with Stylish Text

Stylish Text is a great option.

At the moment there are few free applications that allow you to modify only the color, and it may be that way, since in this way, the text of the messages is clear, always in black on the usual green background clear or white WhatsApp.

Stylish Text is a font keyboard for WhatsApp through which you can customize your favorite styles and change the color of the letters. Also, it includes popup, sticker maker, style editor, symbols, random case and more.

The function enables different types of letters in WhatsApp and other apps that are installed on the mobile. The first thing will be to grant Accessibility permissions, so that you can make your changes to the text.

One of its advantages, in addition to its benefits, is that it does not take up much space and you can use it for other uses. After all this, you just have to go to WhatsApp, write, select the text and click on the menu of the three buttons on the bar.

The next thing will be to choose the style of the text. Not that I have a great color palette, but has different shades of blue and other styles. You can even access a favorites list.

How to change the font color in WhatsApp with Fonts

Fonts is a keyboard that includes symbols, fonts and some colors.

Fonts is a keyboard that includes symbols, fonts and some colors.

Another option with great aesthetic changes is Fonts, with which you will have the opportunity to modify the typography and the color of both the text and the background.

Its interface is quite simple to use, since you only have to write the text in the message box and when you select it, the different alternatives are shown. Once you have chosen the best combination, just copy and paste it into WhatsApp.

The problem is that it replaces the keyboard that comes with the phone and including spell checker and predictive. With this more attractive option, that possibility is lost.

How to change the font color in WhatsApp from the web

To use with the web version of WhatsApp, there is an option that does not require any installation, since it is a site in which each interested party writes their text in the upper box, allowing you to choose various styles in the lower box.

The best alternative is Fancy Text Generator. This page does not allow you to choose the color of a palette, but only displays different styles. Once chosen, it will be necessary to copy and then paste it into WhatsApp and then send it to the contact with the preferred style.


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