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WhatsApp fixes one of its most annoying features: ‘Delete for me’

Deleted messages can be restored within a period of time.

Currently, the messaging service is a fundamental tool for communication in Argentina and much of the world. Thanks to its huge user base and constant updates, WhatsApp has more and more demands and future improvements that they promise to change the experience when chatting with a contact.

The recent WhatsApp update introduced a new tool that will be available to users and will help avoid a very annoying bug. According to this version of the app, deleted messages will have a time in which they can be restoredin the event that the decision was a mistake.

With that goal in mind, the app offers updates that correct or improve different aspects, especially in recent times it was focused on security. Always the most important for the people who use the service have to do with the chats and the new resources when talking to someone.

WhatsApp messages that self-destruct once read. Photo: WhatsApp

In this context, one of the most surprising tools at the time was the possibility of Delete messages for all members of the chat, whether individual or group.

Since this way of correcting writing errors or avoiding misunderstandings was implemented, as long as they do not enable a specific editing button, users can delete permanently something they have sent and no one will be able to see the content of that message after the action.

This tool has been modified on more than one occasion, such as with a new possible time period to decide to delete a message. However, there is a parallel function that has never been reviewed: “Delete for me”.

Practically since the beginning of the service, WhatsApp allows you to delete messages sent by yourself so you don’t see them in the chat. What has not been changed yet is that in these cases it is only deleted for the sender of the message, so the other person can still see it.

Temporary WhatsApp messages.

Temporary WhatsApp messages.

The platform also incorporated a new mode for temporary messageswith which you can send ephemeral images and videos that disappear after being viewed.

The feature was announced in June and a few weeks later it began to reach WhatsApp users for the Android operating system, first, and then moved to iOS users.

The feature, known as ‘see once’is displayed to users when they select an image or video to share, and appears as a button with a number one icon next to the green send arrow.

When photos or videos are sent using the ‘View Once’ feature, the recipient can only view them once and closing them will delete them. In addition, the user who sends them is notified when the file is opened, and can see it in the message information when they are sent by a group.

WhatsApp: the trick to recover deleted messages

Deleted messages can be recovered, but not on all Android phones.  Photo: Shutterstock

Deleted messages can be recovered, but not on all Android phones. Photo: Shutterstock

While the function of recover deleted messages is not enabled, WhatsApp users can resort to certain tricks to know the previously discarded content. Of course, you have to keep in mind that not all chats can be recovered.

What is possible is power watch the notification preview that reached the device, which details the information they sent and who sent it.

Notifications are the best way to recover deleted messages as they show the original content at the time it arrived on the phone. This method is not valid for all Androids, the phone manufacturer may have blocked this possibility.

The first thing will be to enter the settings option. Next, look for the “Notifications” option and click on it. Then identify the box “Advanced Settings” and press there. Finally, select the option “Notification history” and activate it.

Using this trick, if someone sends a WhatsApp message and then deletes it, just go to the history of notifications received in the last 24 hours to review the preview that arrived on the device.


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