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WhatsApp: a new function arrives that solves the most annoying of large groups

The chat service will automatically mute Communities with more than 256 participants.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to WhatsApp to explore features to improve the experience with chat groupssomething that materialized with the appearance of the communities, which can accommodate up to 1,024 people.

There are many people who, as long as they are moderately active in the chat, can be a wave of notifications that translate into a headache.

Although it is within the reach of the user to configure notifications or archive chats, notifications in large groups can be a real problem. For it, WhatsApp promises substantial changes to default settings.

It is always possible to enter the notification settings of the group or the application and even modify them, although now the messaging service itself will automatically mute groups with more than 256 participantsin case the user had not done so before.

The latest changes that WhatsApp implemented in its service.

According to WABetainfo, the app will display a warning message stating that “the group has more than 256 participants and is muted to reduce notifications.” From this same notice the user has the power to enable notifications again if desired.

This novelty will land on iOS and Android for users of versions beta and higher, although it could also be activated with some previous versions.

Those who are part of large groups and do not yet have the feature active can always choose to manually mute the group.

WhatsApp works in a “Do not disturb” mode

(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

In the search to improve the digital well-being between the user and his relationship with the messaging app, WhatsApp plans modifications so that the user does not receive calls, notifications or messages at a time when he does not want to be interrupted.

WhatsApp, in its test version (beta), will begin to distinguish between missed calls and those that the user rejected because they had the mode of “Do not disturb” active, with a different text in the chat.

According to WABetainfo, this “Do Not Disturb” mode may also prevent WhatsApp calls from coming in, or at least make them do so silently.

The latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android begins to respect the corresponding API and as a consequence, at least in some cases, it will no longer trigger the full screen warning when a call enters WhatsApp. If the cell phone screen is locked, the user won’t even know.

However, the app will indicate what happened with the legend “missed call during Do Not Disturb mode”.

It must be taken into account that this text will only be visible to the user. All the tones will have sounded to the person who initiated the call until finally the call has been considered lost, and it appears on their mobile as No answer, without indicating the reason.


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