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What your clothing labels could soon display

Lhe ecological cost of clothing soon to be displayed on the shelves? According to The Parisian, the Minister of Ecological Transition will unveil “Ecobalysis” this Wednesday, April 3, which makes it possible to calculate the environmental impact of clothing, and which could soon be written on clothing. This label will nevertheless be affixed by manufacturers on a voluntary basis, indicates the daily.

“The long-term challenge is to encourage consumers to consult the environmental impact of clothing before they buy it,” explains the Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, at Parisian.

A rating going from 0 to infinity

The government will thus present its new tool, in partnership with Ademe, which will be subject to consultation. It will allow professionals in the sector to obtain a score ranging from 0 to infinity, taking into account greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, pollution of the natural environment, etc.

According to The Parisianthis note will be “like a price [en euros]nutritional value [en kcal] or a carbon score [en kg/CO2e]. And to specify: “The higher the rating, the more the product will have a cost for the environment. »

READ ALSO Should we (really) trust the Nutri-Score? The calculation method and launch schedule for this textile eco-score should also be specified this Wednesday by the government. It should materialize in the form of a display of impact points on the planet. “We will do education so that consumers take ownership of this display,” reassures the ministry to the Parisian.

Ultra fast-fashion in the viewfinder

At the same time, according to the daily, manufacturers will be able to indicate the durability of the clothing they put on the market. “Particularly virtuous brand clothing will have a high sustainability index, unlike clothing from ultra-fast-fashion type brands which will have a low sustainability index,” explains the minister’s office.

If the consultation process does not fall behind schedule, the first environmental labels could appear on shelves or online in the fall.

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