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What will Massa do? Confessions at a barbecue in Beijing with an eye on the campaign


Investors asked him about his political destiny and if he will stay until the end of the Government. The answers of the Minister of Economy.

As usual, at the end of Sergio Massa’s tour, the Argentine embassy in Beijing organized a farewell cocktail. Cautious, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, then the ambassador, bought meat with Argentine courts. And after the formal reception to businessmen and officials, Massa got down to work: he made a barbecue for his extended team with Máximo Kirchner and Pablo González the president of YPF. It was already late and they stayed almost until dawn.

There it was learned, according to an assistant, that in China they asked Massa the obvious question for any investor before a government that ends: Is he going to be a candidate, will there be drastic policy changes if the opposition wins, who is going to sign my payment order?

They say that before investors, as before his intimates, Massa eluded the answer about his future.

“Sergio’s is the managementIt is their way of responding to politics and the fierce inmates in the ruling party”, they communicated, differentiating the family photos that the Pro shows from the hard fights in the Frente de Todos.

The next 10 Massa will insist, from the meeting of the Renewing Front, the need for a single candidate. And then he foresees a meeting of governors in the same direction. He has already added the support of the CGT.

During the barbecue, it transpired that he said out loud, “there are no saviors individuals”, in what seemed like a multi-pronged message.

In the many meetings that took place in Shanghai and Beijing, an Argentine businessman he asked the minister if he could abandon Peronism.

With a quick reflex, Massa looked for Florencio, his Mandarin translator, and asked him: what was the first thing I taught you? What Florencio replied: “Long live Perón.”

At that time the businessman insisted: Are you staying until December 10? The businessman, who requested that his name not be used, shared the minister’s response: “Governments have a responsibility to lead until the end. I am government.”

An adviser to the minister told journalists covering the tour that Massa is convinced that Peronism It is the only party that can turn things around in 24 hours if you order the space with an idea of ​​the country and some proposals. None of that has been seen so far.

In that, members of the entourage explained why the requirement of a single candidate.

“If after the PASO the divided Peronism comes out third, how much will the dollar go the next day with candidates who will be better positioned and proclaim dollarization.” And they reproached the “autoboycott” of the Casa Rosada.

In what was usual on this tour and despite the fact that China is 19,000 kilometers away and an eleven hour difference in time, no one here was detached from the information that gave an account of how the pieces move in the ruling party. And very close to Massa, while they criticized the encouragement of candidates from the Casa Rosada that PASO is looking for, They pointed to the abandonment of management in some areas.

In the Foreign Ministry, they assured, it takes 90 days to grant visas to the Chinese “How can we expect these tourists to arrive?” they complained, recalling that 280 million Chinese travel abroad.

In the embassy in Beijing there were more bitter complaints. They only count one person for the administrative task and four consulates when China is our second trading partner. Brazil has instead ten consulates.

Furthermore, for the Chinese Foreign Ministry it is considered category C and the problem is that diplomats take it as transit to reach destinations like Paris or Washington.

There they maintain that the opportunities are infinite but that they can be covered.

The next 18, for example, it is the day of the “carnival shopping” with the most diverse offers on e-commerce sites that try on clothes and shoes virtually in a country where e-commerce has a penetration of 40%, more than in the United States. The main global companies are competing to be chosen in this Carnival Shopping that in the first 10 minutes shakes up the stocks. At first glance there are no Argentine companies.

Beijing, special envoy

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