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What will happen to Imran? Before voting on the no-confidence motion, eyes on these important ‘players’ of Pakistani politics

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The eyes of the world are on Pakistan at this time. Tomorrow there are votes on the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan’s government. Earlier this no-confidence motion was brought on 30 March, on which voting was fixed on 3 April. But what happened on April 3 almost made a mockery of the democracy there. Actually, the deputy speaker rejected the no-confidence motion. He called it a conspiracy of foreign powers and linked it to treason. On the other hand, Imran Khan sent a recommendation to the President to dissolve the assembly. The President accepted the recommendation.


All this was happening when it was clear that Imran Khan had lost the vote of confidence in the House. The opposition had more MPs than the 172 required to seal a no-confidence vote. Slogans of ‘Imran Go’ were being raised in the assembly. There was an atmosphere of panic in the whole of Pakistan. But at this juncture Pakistan’s democratic institutions proved that it is not ready to allow its democracy to be so easily ridiculed. The Supreme Court of Pakistan took cognizance of this whole matter on its behalf. The opposition also knocked on the court’s door. The Supreme Court heard for three days. In his decision on Thursday night, he overturned everything. Pakistan’s Parliament was restored. The President’s decision to dissolve the assembly was canceled. The decision of the deputy speaker was rejected. somewhere

Now the hour of judgment has come. There is only one question on everyone’s tongue in Pakistan – what will happen next? Few people are sure that Imran will be able to survive. They have to go. But what about after that. At present, the common opposition against Imran Khan has talked about making Nawaz Sharif’s brother Shahbaz Sharif as the Prime Minister. But it is certain that even this arrangement will not last long. Sooner or later Pakistan will have to go to the polls and find its options. But this whole matter has provided an opportunity to try to understand the changing Pakistan, its changing politics. Let’s look at the special ‘players’ of Pakistan’s politics ..

Imran Khan: In 1992, only 4 years after the captaincy of Pakistan’s victory in the World Cup, Imran stepped into politics. His party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf got only one seat in the 2002 elections. Imran himself. By 2013, after boycotting the 2008 elections, Imran’s party had cemented its place as the third largest party after the ruling party and the opposition party. Imran showed the dreams of a corruption-free Pakistan to the young and urban middle class people and also took advantage of the anger emanating from the US drone strike and came to power in 2018. But his political path has not been easy and like every Wazir-e-Azam, before the completion of his term, it is believed that he is bound to tie a sack of bed.

Shahbaz Sharif is the brother of Nawaz Sharif, the three-time Prime Minister of Pakistan. Nawaz is banned from contesting elections for government office and is in the UK. Shahbaz has been the Chief Minister of Punjab province and Abi is the President of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) . There is a lot of talk about him being a strict administrator and always a person who is immersed in work. His relations with the army are considered to be much better than that of his brother, who has been overthrown by the army. Despite many marriages and property acquired in London, Dubai, he is popular among the common people. After Imran, there are discussions about him becoming the prime minister.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Bilawal belongs to the largest political family of Pakistan. Benazir is the son of Bhutto and Zulfikar Ali is the grandson of Bhutto. He was elected President of the Pakistan People’s Part at the age of 19, while he was completing his studies at Oxford. But Nawaz Sharif showed the way to jail for corruption to Bilawal’s father.
More than half of Pakistan’s population is under 22 years of age, so Bilawal is a hit on social media.

Pakistani Army: The army has ruled Pakistan for more than 70 years. Even years after the resignation of General Musharraf, the army has maintained its control over the power and government. He has full involvement in security matters, foreign affairs and economy. Politicians understand the effect of the army and they also do prostrate at its rate. After Imran’s victory in 2018, for only the second time in the history of Pakistan, power went from politician to politician. The army is believed to be unhappy even behind this crisis of Imran.

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