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What to pay attention to when buying a cell phone so that it does not become obsolete over time

The moment of choosing a new cell phone can generate more than one doubt. In order not to simply focus on the design or the number of pixels of the cameras, cell phones have several parameters to measure their reliability and guarantee several years of useful life.

Beyond the Screen sizealthough the current and surely future trend is that everything worthwhile starts at 6.5 inches, a mobile that stands the test of time in 2022 must bet on OLED technology.

The quality it offers is significantly higher than that of LED panels and you will notice it in the representation of colors, brighter and with deeper blacks, especially in daylight.

Another interesting factor to take into account as well, although less if you are not going to squeeze your phone with demanding games, is that the screen has a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz. In this way, the user ensures fluidity to enjoy audiovisual content for a good season.

A fast-charging battery

The objective here is clear: that our cell phone lasts a full day without having to resort to fast charging. On the other hand, it is interesting that the loading process is as fast as possible so it is convenient that our choice has a good fast charging system.

As for the first requirement, we would be talking about all those models that mount batteries from 4,000 mAh. Here you can play a little with the power of the battery since its phone has fast charge (or blazing fast) won’t mind sacrificing some battery power.

good camera system

The S22 Ultra’s Nightography mode achieves bright photos in dark environments.

That more is not always better, it is something that photographic technology in mobile phones has been proving for years. Of course, greater number of sensors imply a more capable photographic system in different situations but what will allow you to take better photos is the manufacturer’s software. Google or Apple are good examples of this.

So, although the advice points to continue valuing the number of megapixels of the cameras, it will also be necessary to take into account other aspects such as the maximum opening of the sensor (the larger it is, the more light it will capture and therefore more information) and also the optical stabilization. This factor is of vital importance to focus correctly in situations of low light or movement.

Apple’s iPhone 13, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra and Edge 30 Pro Motorola are good examples of optimized cameras in the Argentine cell phone market.

power and performance

Snapdragon, Qualcomm's family of mobile processors.

Snapdragon, Qualcomm’s family of mobile processors.

A powerful processor is the guarantee that the cell phone will run video games with high graphics and processing demands, as well as multitask applications with the greatest fluidity for years to come. The manufacturers Qualcomm or Mediatek with its Snapdragon 780G 5G, 888+ 5G and 8 Gen 1 or Dimensity 1200 and Helio G95 series processors, respectively among Android.

5G and NFC

Although Argentina is not yet ready for the arrival of the ultra-speed mobile telephone network, this technology is present in the main cities of the world, offering higher connection speeds. For this reason, any high-end cell phone, and even many of the mid-range ones, already have it incorporated without having any variation in the final price.

And in terms of connectivity, the cell phone should have a built-in NFC antenna to make mobile payments or load the SUBE card. It is one of the most useful functions that a phone can have nowadays.


This section includes the internal memory (ROM) and RAM. The first to store photos and videos must have at least 64 GB (despite the fact that you work with cloud storage services, you will appreciate it) and the second is vital to guarantee the greatest fluidity when opening and running applications. a cell phone with 6GB or 8GB of RAM it should function efficiently for at least the next two years.


The iOS 15 operating system introduces changes to several features of the iPhone.

The iOS 15 operating system introduces changes to several features of the iPhone.

operating systems iOS 15 and Android 12 They should be the main ones when choosing any terminal in 2022 and with a projection for a few years. Both will guarantee at least two years of updates before the phone becomes obsolete, although the high ranges are designed to better withstand the passage of time in this regard.

With information from La Vanguardia.


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