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What is Tummy Time, for how long and why it is necessary to leave babies in this position, know

This is why tummy time is important for babies

Why Tummy Time Is Important For Babies: Babies from new born baby to 5-6 months mostly stay in bed and move their hands a lot while lying down or lie down on their stomach. You know that this lying on the stomach is very important for the development of children. Experts also believe that we should make babies lie on their stomach for some time. This is called Tummy time, so let us tell you why tummy time is necessary, for how long it should be done and when.

What is tummy time

Tummy time means putting the baby on his stomach, but when he is awake and someone is monitoring him. It is said that lying in this position helps in the overall development of the child and also sharpens his mind. Not only this, in this position the child also tries to straighten himself, then his body movement also happens properly.

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Benefits of tummy time

Lying on the tummy of the baby strengthens the muscles of his neck, shoulders and arms and the baby can start getting up and crawling on his own sooner.

It is seen that children who keep lying straight for a long time, their head becomes flattened. In such a situation, lying on the stomach of children for some time does not flatten their head.

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For how long is it okay to put babies on their stomachs?

Most babies can start tummy time sessions a day or two after birth. In such a situation, you can make the child lie on the stomach for only 3 to 5 minutes first. As your baby grows, you can make him lie on his stomach for 5 to 10 minutes 4 to 5 times throughout the day. Pediatricians recommend that babies up to the age of 2 months can be put on their stomachs every day in short breaks ranging from 15 minutes to half an hour.

Fix baby’s tummy time like this

  • To make the children lie on their stomach, first of all spread a clean bed on the floor.
  • When the baby is awake and in the mood to play, then put him on his stomach and let him straighten himself.
  • When the child is taking tummy time session, then sit in front of him and motivate your children.
  • When the baby is full or has taken a feed, do not give him a tummy session at that time.

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