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What is the relevance of Pakistan’s new army chief Aseem Munir from India’s point of view…

Aseem Munir has also been the head of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Karachi :

Pakistan has appointed Lieutenant-General Asim Munir as the Chief of Army Staff. This appointment is likely to have a significant impact on the future of Pakistan’s fragile democracy. It is too early to say anything about whether Pakistan’s relations with India will improve with this appointment. According to Reuters, during 75 years of independence and the formation of Pakistan after its partition with India, the military seized power three times and directly ruled the Islamic republic for more than three decades. During this, Pakistan also fought three wars with India. Even when a democratic government is in power in Pakistan, the generals of the country still have considerable influence on security and foreign affairs.

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The Defense Ministry said that Munir will replace General Qamar Javed Bajwa, who is retiring at the end of this month after a tenure of six years. In Pakistan, the army chief is appointed for three years, but many army chiefs have got service extension. This list also includes the name of the current Army Chief, General Bajwa, who was appointed to the post in November 2016, but in the year 2019, he was given an extension of service for three years. Talking about Munir, he has also served in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) and Pakistan’s important financial ally Saudi Arabia. Asim Munir was appointed as the chief of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, but he could last only for 8 months in this post. At the behest of the then Prime Minister Imran Khan, he was removed from the post and Lieutenant-General Faiz Hameed was made the ISI chief. No reason was given for his removal.

Pakistan’s army chief can play a key role in managing the risks of conflict with India on its eastern border, as well as dealing with a potential conflict with Afghanistan on its eastern border. Pakistan has also been grappling with the problem of internal security due to insurgency in Pashtun and Baloch areas. Several foreign governments have from time to time questioned the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, including long-range missiles, but Pakistan and its military have dismissed these countries’ concerns over the command and control and security of its nuclear weapons. Dismisses concerns.

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