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What is the real reason for CM Nitish Kumar’s anger on the Speaker of the Assembly?

It is clear from the attitude of Nitish Kumar that he does not like to interfere in the work of the government beyond a limit. (file photo)


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM Nitish Kumar) The way Bihar Legislative Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha got angry on Monday, everyone is surprised and everyone is speculating about its real reason and its political consequences. The kind of words and attitudes used by Nitish Kumar against the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, no Chief Minister had shown such attitude towards the seat in the Legislative Assembly before.


In fact, during the budget session, Nitish Kumar was very angry with the Lakhisarai issue, as there is an attempt to surround the government by raising questions in the Legislative Assembly every two to three days. Lakhisarai is the constituency of Vidhan Sabha Speaker Vijay Sinha. There, not only Sinha but the Bihar BJP leadership was also angry with the arrest of two BJP workers for violating Covid rules during Saraswati Puja. In this case, there was an attempt to shelve the appeal of the Speaker for the right action, first at the local level and then at the level of the DGP, due to which he was angry.

Video: When Nitish Kumar clashed with the speaker in the assembly

It is clear from the attitude of Nitish Kumar that he does not tolerate interference of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly or any senior leader or minister of Bihar BJP in the functioning of the government beyond a limit. Even though he may be number three in the Legislative Assembly on the basis of his party numbers, but he will run the government on the basis of his will, that is, on the basis of his discretion. It was also clear from Nitish’s words that whatever is happening in the Legislative Assembly is not constitutional.

Lakhisarai case: CM Nitish Kumar lost his temper in the Bihar Assembly, said – Constitution is being violated

However, BJP and Rashtriya Janata Dal MLAs cry that Nitish is shielding officials in this matter under the influence and pressure of his party’s national president Lalan Singh. There has been a figure of thirty-six between Lalan and Vijay Sinha because Lakhisarai is a part of Lalan Singh’s Munger parliamentary constituency.

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Bihar BJP MLAs also believe that there will be no adverse effect on the NDA government at the moment because the top BJP leadership does not want to take any political risk with Nitish at the moment. At the same time, he accepts that if the officers can stay on their posts by allegedly misbehaving with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, then the public representatives of all the parties will ultimately bear the brunt of it because the officials are not able to listen to their views after this episode. Will not show interest.

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