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What is Stem Cell Therapy, which helps in the treatment of deadly diseases, know who can donate stem cells

Stem Cell Therapy: After this therapy new and healthy cells start forming.

Stem Cell Therapy: Whether it is a fatal disease like cancer or any serious disease related to the heart, after listening to which it was believed that these diseases are incurable. The same thinking used to happen in the event of a fatal injury to the spinal cord or a serious injury to the head, but now the treatment of these diseases is possible to a great extent. Stem cell therapy can be used to give relief in such incurable diseases. For this therapy, cells are taken from the bone marrow, then they are transplanted in the area where there is a problem. After this therapy, new and healthy cells start forming, which gives relief in the disease.


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What is Stem Cell Donation? , What Is Stem Cell Donation?

To donate your stem cells, you must first register yourself as a donor. People who are at least 18 and up to 50 years of age can donate stem cells. However, before this complete medical examination is also done. A swab kit examines your stem cells. You can donate stem cells if they match with the sample of the needy. It is just like donating blood. In case the patient’s stem cells are healthy, the bone marrow is taken from it and transplanted to another place. Due to this, the patient’s body adopts stem cells very easily, which is beneficial in treatment.

It will help in the treatment of these diseases:

Stem cells help in the treatment of many deadly diseases. This therapy is used especially in the case of blood cancer. Apart from blood cancer, adult stem cells will help in heart-related diseases. Apart from this, brain stroke, bleeding due to an internal injury to the brain, injury to the spinal cord, effect of stroke in any part of the body, autism, parkinson, any disease related to motor nerve, muscle or liver related problem, Stem cell therapy also provides relief in diseases like kidney, optic neuritis.

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