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What is Embryoscopy Technique, how it is used in IVF, know what are the benefits

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Use of Embryoscope | Use Of Embryoscope

The most challenging task of IVF is the selection of the best embryos to ensure pregnancy. At present, embryologists have to take out the embryo from the currently prevalent incubators and examine its growth through a microscope at fixed times during three to five days. Embryoscope overcomes the drawbacks of current IVF protocols and eliminates the need to manipulate embryo culture to examine embryos. During the process of IVF, usually two or three embryos are implanted in a woman’s womb at a time, due to which the chances of having twins or triplets remain. Embryoscope allows the doctor to check the quality of the embryo and select the best embryo, which in turn increases the success rate of the IVF procedure.

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Embryoscope is a hidden boon for patients suffering from infertility. It is a time-lapse system, which gives more information about the fetus to the prospective parents. It provides a film record of the beginning of the future life of the baby. It improves IVF treatment and facilitates uninterrupted embryo culture (embryo development) in a stable environment.

During this process, some standards related to experts and cleanliness have to be followed, under which sterilization and use of disposable syringes. Temperature and humidity are controlled in advance and the air is filtered through carbon and HEPA filters.

There is an additional cost to be paid for Embryoscope, as the equipment used in it is very expensive, and their maintenance cost is also very high. This technique has been very beneficial for such patients in whom IVF attempts have been unsuccessful again and again. This is a modest cost considering the use of better equipment increasing the current overall IVF success rate of 30 to 40 percent from 5 to 10 and up.

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Embryoscopy is a state-of-the-art technology developed for IVF treatment, which has proved to be very useful. This device gives the unique facility of checking the future embryo number and their quality in the process of IVF. Most of the patients prefer this technique over the standard IVF procedure. The popularity of this technique is growing rapidly and it is now becoming generally accepted.

(Dr Hrishikesh Pai, Consultant Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist, Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Fortis Hospital in New Delhi)

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