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What does more damage: take a michelada or a cuba?

Within the vast multiverse of alcoholic cocktails there are some whose popularity has made them present at parties such as the michelada and the cuba, but can one be less harmful to your body?

Drinks such as beer, tequila and even numerous drinks abound at parties. combinations with all kinds of names like the ‘azulitos’, excess alcohol is not ideal in any case, although what you add to your daily drink influences your health.

The michelada is a type of drinkit is believed to be Originally from San Luis Potosi, consists of the mixture of beer with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and lemon in a glass rimmed with salt or chamoy sauce; Instead, the cuba is a cocktail that consists of the combination of cola with rum and a touch of lemon.

What has more calories: a cuba or a michelada?

According to My fitness pal, a portal specialized in physical exercise issues, this is the approximate number of calories that has each of the drinks.

  • Michelada (354 ml): 167 calories
  • Cuba libre (one drink): 190 calories

For reference, this is the approximate calories of other alcoholic beverages:

  • Vodka tonic (one shot): 189 calories.
  • Beer (one can): 155 calories.
  • Beer (one bottle): 160 calories.
  • Loggerhead (940 ml): 392 calories.
  • ‘Azulito’: 728 kcal
What does more damage: take a michelada or a cuba?

How healthy are micheladas?

The main ingredient of a michelada is beer, an alcoholic beverage whose preparation comes from the fermentation of some cereals. the portal of Healthline ensures that beer is a source of empty calories with few essential nutrients.

the portal of Eat this, not thatpoints out that drinking beer regularly or excessively can cause side effects such as weight gain, elevated blood pressure and even the risk of diabetes.

A moderate consumption of beer alone is not necessarily harmful to health, since it Healthline points out that it is a source of minerals and vitamins.

Another factor that contributes to the increased risk of suffering from diabetes is the amount of sugar that the drink contains, since sometimes they come with gummies or chamoywhich are a source of that ingredient.

Aside from the effects that can arise from beer, the frosting of the michelada contains salt, which in excess contributes to various health problems.

What does more damage: take a michelada or a cuba?

Some versions of this drink, due to the type of commercial tomato juice, are also harmful to health. According to the site The Power of the Consumer, some types of these sauces they contain large amounts of sodium that increase the risk of cardiovascular problems.

When consuming micheladas, it is best to do so with tomato juice that is specified on its label, which is low in sodium to avoid its side effects.

How healthy are vats?

One of the main ingredients in a cuba is cola, one of the most harmful among the multiverse of sodas.

According to the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health portal, soft drinks are a type of sugary drink They contain large amounts of sugar, sweetener and caffeine. Besides, in the case of the cola flavor, it is made up of elements such as phosphoric acid that could damage the kidneys and bones.

These are some of the effects caused by consuming cola in excess:

  • Weight gain
  • Osteoporosis risk
  • stain teeth
  • Risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Increased risk of gout

Eat this, not that lists several rum drinks, including the ‘piña colada’, as beverages that contribute to an increase in visceral fat. Due to its amount of alcohol, which is 40 to 50 degrees, it can result in one of the most damaging liquors for the liver.

What does more damage: take a michelada or a cuba?

Is it better to take a cuba or a michelada?

“There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, only Eating habits that benefit or harm us“, explain it Consumer Magazine of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can be harmful to healthhence both micheladas and cubas are harmful to health.

Aside from their alcohol content, both drinks hurt the body in different ways if consumed regularly or daily. This is because some micheladas can have an excess of sodium due to the use of tomato juice and the vats contain large amounts of sugar due to the presence of the soda.

the site of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health points out that, unlike sugary drinks, it is possible to have a moderate consumption of alcohol for some people, but the effects that could arise in the body should not be lost sight of.

Similarly, the CDC recommends staying away from sugary drinks such as soft drinks, due to their side effects and high amounts of sugar.

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