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What do Farruko’s songs say?

During the past weekend, the urban music performer Farruko lit up social networks when he apologized during a concert in Miami for the content of his songs, in addition to announcing that he had converted to Christianity. Given this, it is worth reviewing his work to see what the lyrics show that caused this act of constriction by the Puerto Rican.

During his concert, he stated that “I did not know the message that I was saying in my songs”. She confessed that some time ago he had an encounter “with Papa Dios” and that since then he has lived a transformation.

“With everything that has happened in my life I can say that God is dealing with me. We are all sinners, the Bible says, there are no good ones here. If he picked me up being unfaithful, arrogant… distant from my children… You know I’m not proud of that. God knows how many of his children I hurt (…) And today I stand up like a man to tell them to forgive me as a human being because love begins with forgiveness”, indicated the reggaeton player who when he launched his production “La 167″ in 2021, announced that he had already begun a spiritual healing process.

Next, We include some verses of the most popular songs by Farruko, and that could be considered controversial, due to their sexual content, the way in which they refer to women or for inciting the use of controlled substances, among other topics.


drinking, smoking and fucking

I keep hesitating from party to’ the day’

Follow him, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh (Farru)

Follow him, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh (la rola y pepa)


Pepa and water for the dry

To’ the world in pill’ in the disco

Pepa and water for the dry

To’ the world in pill’ in the disco


The sun is out, wow

Bring me the hookah and the alcohol

And turn it on, oh-oh, woh-oh-oh

This got out of hand

And follow it, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh (la rola y pepa)

The misunderstood

pass me the hookah

That we’re in jangueo, today I take a route

Long live teteo, contempt

Live life and enjoy (everyone in the disco)


Nobody advise me

That I’m in Romo Ugly, Ugly, Ugly


Fantasies (with Rauw Alejandro)

And we enjoy’, drink’, smoke’

We dance all night and we finish at home (oh-oh)

I still don’t know what it’s called and I don’t know how we ended up in my bed either (boom, boom, boom, boom)

But we had chemistry (uoh-oh)

And I saw you so nice (yeh)

I looked at you so exotic (uoh-oh)

How fast I pulled you here, pe-ri-ba, ba-ba-bai

the toxic

And he goes to the street in search of a jangueo (pri-yah-yah)

Where they play music, there is hookah and drinking

He goes to the street in search of a jangueo

She doesn’t want amore’ and she’s set for perreo (pri-yah-yah)


She arrived depressed but they put “Tusa”

There she let go and unbuttoned her blouse

They hit the hookah and abused the bottle (yah)

He says that today he drinks and for that bastard he gives an excuse’ (blep)


He hits it all the way down to the beat of the bass

What they talk about her doesn’t give a damn

He doesn’t want to know about commitment

And let the bastard die that hurt him (ah)

Passion Whine

take off your clothes slowly

Take your time

That I want to enjoy myself all the time

play soft music

Move your body

And practice all your moves

ensobéme yours

And dance me tight

do what you want to me

That I am yours all

don’t play hard to get

Come on ma’ make me a little song

I’m satisfied with you

Even if it’s just for a little while


Today I’m going to wake up

Rulin in my note, don’t ask me for a pill

I have little left

Bartender, hookah and more bottle’

The disco lights look like a star


If one day I was going to die (Farru!)

Today I want to do what I want

We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow

Today I want rola (rola), I want hookah, women and marijuana

If one day I was going to die

Today I want to do what I want

We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow

Today I want rola, I want hookah, women and marijuana

grass and fight

Tonight is clear for rampleteo

To wear out the mahone with the guayateo

To smoke until tomorrow and form a tripeo

And to which it seems safa’a, it went buleo (Yah yah)


The night ‘ta pa’ rum, grass and fight (Pum pum)

You have me crazy, baby, how you shake

The corillo ‘ta azora’o by how your perrea’

And they sent me to call today the tar breaks

Behave yourself badly

Misbehave, put me lassie

Oh, mommy, good bitch and let’s do ‘things’ easy (Ay)

Bend over and get on all fours, fuck your cat

Here I have a couple of moña’, let’s go’ to roll up a tobacco

Pa’ take’ an outburst and lose us’ until tomorrow

I want to do with you what I want

That dawn with me ‘and watch’ alone in the window

And if you feel like smoking, I brought a mushroom and marijuana


Krippy Kush (with Bad Bunny)

Smoking like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kha

The cats want kush, they don’t want friska

I lit a cane like the brisca

Two phillies, she stays cross-eyed


What you are doing, I did it first

Baby, that boyfriend of yours is half ass

I walk around New York with a pair of leather

And piles put pa’ to’ these bastards make them fierce


I have farmers like Piculin

Red eyes like the Chapulín

Today I forgot to drink my Ritalin

But the six, zero, two I lowered with lean (Brrr)

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