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‘What a great goal to be a soybean’, the ironic criticism of a Kirchnerist senator of the new soybean dollar

The former governor of Misiones Maurice Closs hit Sergio Massa for the doubled exchange rate: “It makes you lose reserves, being weak.”

The decision of the national government to establish a new dollar soybeans which from Monday will trade at $230 for the cereal companies to liquidate US$3,000 million provoked harsh criticism from a Kirchnerist national senator who governed the province of Misiones until 2019. Maurice Closs targeted Sergio Massa: “It makes you lose reserves, be weak and be forced into these decisions.”

On Friday afternoon, the Minister of Economy made official what was rumored earlier: a new soybean dollar that begins to apply on Monday at $230, thirty pesos more than in the first version, last September.

“Starting Monday, we are going to re-establish the export promotion program for the agro-industrial complex that includes everything that is soybeans and their derivatives,” Massa said on Friday.

Immediately they came out to answer on social networks, but it was not an opponent but the allied fire. Ironically, Maurice Closs posted: “What a great goal it is to be a soybean. Produce with diesel oil, fertilizers and salaries governed by the Official Exchange Rate and then settle at the Soybean Dollar. Tremendous Rent”.

“The unfolded TC (exchange rate) is unfair and essentially inconvenient, it makes you lose reserves, be weak and be forced to make these decisions,” added the former senator from Misiones.

In October, the senator had already been critical of the different exchange rates: “The exchange rate was and is lethal for growth. The ideal would be to unify, but in the meantime perhaps we should implement a split with ONLY two Exchange Rates and thus get out of this unfair, confusing system and a breeding ground for multiple fanfares”.

And in September, when Sergio Massa had been minister for a month, Closs also launched: “Every decision you make within the Multiple Exchange Rate logic, it will ALWAYS have repercussions. It was obvious that the liquidity of the Soybean Dollar was going to become dollarized again. Since Cepo Argentina has stopped growing and all governments have lost their elections.

Closs is one of the most critical voices of the doubled exchange rate, especially since it affects a province that lives on tourism.

It is that with the wholesale dollar at $165.69, the exchange gap goes from 3.7% to 107.4% with the different types of dollars. With the official there is the smallest gap of 3.7%, followed by the soybean dollar at $225, a 35.9% amplitude; then the dollar card with 81.5%; behind the MEP dollar with a 91.1% gap.

Closely followed by the blue dollar, which this Friday closed at $320, giving an exchange rate gap of 93.2%; followed by the CCL that has a disparity with the wholesaler of 98.3%; Y the furthest away is the Qatar dollar, which is trading at $343.5 and the gap reaches 107.4%.

The Central Bank sold 40 million dollars again

At the end of the week, the Central Bank broke the positive streak that it had brought in the week and sold again. This Friday it had to deliver US$40 million and thus US$987 million went away in the month. In this way, the monetary authority has already lost US$1,800 million of the US$5,000 million it pocketed with the first edition of the dollar soy.

Now the government confirmed that it will launch a new edition of the soybean dollar next Monday, with which it will seek to obtain another US$ 3,000 million that will allow the Central Bank to comfortably meet the goal of net reserves established in the agreement with the Fund. Monetary.


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