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Welcome to the world of Ferraristas

Sif she comes in, he takes her. If it doesn’t fit, he doesn’t take it. “Oh shit! » She has returned. A small check for 75,000 euros and the beast is his. For two years, he hesitated, hesitated, then, one day, he tested his parents’ car park, because his was too steep, unsuitable for the machine; and shit ! », the unimaginable happened. This Ferrari “unreachable”a used 355, found its way into mom and dad’s garage, and red madness took hold of it. “The dealer had warned me: the hardest part is to buy the first one. »

The story takes place in 2001, in a corner of France where the sun hardly shines. It is brought to us by its protagonist in a Parisian palace. Since he has “break this psychological lock”, “passed this course di…

SP (x2) – Rebecca MARSHALL/Laif-REA FOR “LE POINT” – Federico Borella/NYT-REDUX-REA – Giorgio Benvenuti/sp – Van Tine Dennis/ABACA – Courtesy of Gooding & Company/photos Mathieu Heurtault

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