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Weight Loss: Which of the bread or roti is helpful in reducing weight? Learn in easy language

Roti is rich in nutrients which can help in weight loss unlike bread

Weight Loss: There has been constant conversation about whether bread or the widely consumed Indian roti can help people lose weight. However, health professionals rarely recommend bread instead of roti due to several factors. Bread is more likely to contain sugar, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients when it comes in many varieties, including brown, whole-wheat and multigrain.

If we do not have any roti to serve with the leftover foods, then we often end up eating things like bread. The next biggest choice in our opinion is roti. In this article we discuss how roti is a healthy option to lose weight.

Why is roti better than bread for weight loss?

1. High Fiber

Roti is definitely a healthy option due to the presence of fiber including protein, carbs and soluble fiber. These fibers provide you with energy, promote good blood circulation, and keep you feeling full for longer.

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2. More Organic

Breads are made with a lot of preservatives, which is why they last for about a week. But rotis should be prepared and eaten immediately as their shelf life is short.

3. Rich in Whole Grains

The primary ingredient in rotis is whole wheat flour, which is full of dietary fiber. Apart from this, rotis made from cereals like jowar, bajra, ragi etc. are becoming more and more common in South Asian countries. Try baking them with nutritious flour to make rotis suitable for weight loss.

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4. No Yeast

Unlike bread, roti does not contain yeast. It is added to make the bread soft and fluffy. However, because it dehydrates the body and stresses the digestive system, this ingredient is more harmful than beneficial.

5. Nutritious

The nutritional content of bread can sometimes be ruined by additives, such as those that give brown bread its colour. However, the dough for roti is made from just wheat, water and sometimes salt and uses little or no oil to cook it.

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6. Beneficial for diabetics

Due to its high glycemic index and being processed, bread tends to be overly sweet and salty, making it a completely unhealthy choice for diabetics. Bread is not a great option for weight loss due to its high GI, due to which it digests fast and releases sugar.

It all depends on your body type and metabolism apart from these other variables. Roti is only a part of your meal and not a complete meal, so add your bread or roti to really healthy foods.

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. ..

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