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‘Weapons shortfall’ in India, causing ‘Make in India’ policy: Report

Prime Minister Modi started the Make in India program after coming to power in 2014.

To build India’s defense system in the country Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) efforts are making India weak in front of the threat of China and Pakistan. According to a Bloomberg report, Officials related to this matter have given this information. He says that India’s Air Force, Army and Navy are not able to import some necessary weapon systems to replace the obsolete weapons. Due to this, there will be a huge shortage of helicopters with India by the year 2026 and also by 2030 there will be hundreds of fighter aircraft.


After coming to power in 2014, Prime Minister Modi made public the “Make in India” policy to make everything from mobile phones to fighter jets in the country. Its goal was to create more jobs and prevent foreign exchange from leaving the country. But after eight years, India, which was the largest importer of military weapons in the world, is still unable to make weapons locally to meet its needs. Along with this, the rules of the government are stopping the import.

Prime Minister Modi’s program mandates 30 to 60% of the parts to be manufactured in the country. It depends on how the military procurement is and from where it is being bought. There was no such limit earlier in India and then India used the mechanism of domestic manufacturing to reduce the cost of defense procurement.

But things have stopped and India’s military preparedness is going to be less than before. That too when India is facing threats from Pakistan and China. One person said, “A weak air force for India will mean that it will need almost twice the number of troops on the ground to face China.”

Bloomberg spoke to several executives from several of the three services for this news. He shared this sensitive information on condition of anonymity.

India’s Defense Ministry did not respond to e-mails sent for comment on the news.

While India’s military has increased local procurement for some military items, the stage is not yet ready for manufacturing diesel-electric submarines and two-engine fighter jets in the country.

India’s plan to buy fighter jets from abroad has been put on hold because the Modi government wants the Air Force to adopt a single-engine fighter jet made in the country. It is not only short in supply. Whereas the fighter plane with double engine is not yet manufactured in India.

Officials said that Bangalore-based defense manufacturing company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited can make only eight indigenous fighter jets Tejas every year. The company aims to double its manufacturing capacity by 2026. But it may be delayed further due to the supply chain stalled due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

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