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“We will do the next one in a 3×3 room”: Sergio Berni criticized “the empty chairs” in the PJ Congress and even dared to praise Villarruel

The reproaches crossed within the Congress of the Justicialist Party in Ferrowhere Peronism sought to form a political table to formalize the departure of Alberto Fernandez of the presidency, were evident among the attendees and the provincial senator and former Minister of Security, Sergio Berni He put it crudely: “We will do the next one in a 3×3 cabin“.

“I am passionate and when things are done with passion, with energy but not obfuscated. What happens in Peronism has only one reading: it is the consequence of the disaster that we have been to the point that a president like Milei has won the elections, “I am not underestimating the capacity of the president but rather the capacity of Peronism in these years,” said Berni, who has been very critical of Alberto Fernández since the beginning of the administration.

“Yesterday was an administrative procedure, where Peronism did not even have the passion to ask a president, who is Alberto Fernández, to resign, who for four years disrespected us by saying that he felt closer to hippie culture than to the 20 truths of Peronism. Nobody wants to move anything because some take advantage of the state of inactivity that Peronism is in and they don’t understand that things are going to get worse and worse for them,” Berni said in dialogue with Radio 10.

In turn, he gave his opinion on the level of convocation: “Not even half of the people expected came, Peronism does not even convene its own. There were a lot of empty chairs, a lot of congressmen were missing. The next congress is going to be held in a 3×3 room, if there are plenty of chairs everywhere. “Peronism is not capable of mobilizing its own congressmen, so imagine if they can mobilize our militants, much less our society.”


Berni praised the Vice President for her “autonomy of thought.”

“Peronism has become a bureaucratic party, where no one wants even a lesson because they are afraid of demonstrating their electoral weakness. Everyone threatens, they talk but no one shows up for an election and Peronism organizes itself with an internal election,” he highlighted. the former Buenos Aires Minister of Security.

“Today he who wins does not drive and he who loses does not accompany, this is anything but Peronism,” he stated and established as “worrying”: “It is naturalized, it is not even a crisis.”

National Congress of the PJ in Ferro. Photo: Federico López Claro

“Peronism is managing to disenchant its own militants, nor the voters,” Berni summarized and highlighted that Sergio Massa was not a presidential candidate for the Justicialist Party.

“I’m going to die fighting inside, but there comes a time when you feel permanently thrown out,” he launched and assured that the PJ Congress ended abruptly because a leader felt offended and asked to start the Peronist march and did not listen to other leaders. who had come after two days of travel.

In line with Berni, another who heated up the meeting was the mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray, facing Máximo Kirchner, head of the Buenos Aires PJ. “There has to be a strong renewal in Peronism. With the same faces and saying the same thing you cannot win an election. Here it seems that no one understands that we lost,” Gray said.

The governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, at the national Congress of the PJ.  Photo: Federico López ClaroThe governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, at the national Congress of the PJ. Photo: Federico López Claro

Today the PJ is managed by vice presidents Cristina Alvarez Rodríguez, Axel Kicillof, Analía Rach Quiroga, Juan Manzur and Lucía Corpacci, plus an executive board already made up of other governors and leaders.

Sergio Berni’s praise for Victoria Villarruel

“Victoria Villarruel is a political character, in a good way I say it, who has autonomy of thought and I celebrate it. It seems to me that I wish our people had the same autonomy of thought,” Berni surprised this Saturday.

“I wish many of our people had that intellectual autonomy instead of bowing their heads every day,” he added.

When they asked him if he would like to have a Victoria Villarruel in Peronism, he did not hesitate: “I want her on my team. I may not share some things, but it seems to me that she is a leader and of course I want her on my team.”

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