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Watching TV News found ‘two brothers who got separated’, that family also became ‘apni till now’

Both brothers met for the first time in their lives on Saturday

California, USA:

Can it ever really happen that two lost brothers get back in such circumstances which are difficult to trust. This is not a picture story but a true story. When Randy Waites of California sat watching TV, he found his lost brother there. Both did not know about each other’s existence at all. Randy was watching the news of snowfall in Lake Tahoe on a local channel called KCRA 3 when he noticed that a man by his last name was being interviewed. Randy didn’t even know who his father was, suddenly realizing he might have a connection to Eddie Waites as they both had similar surnames.


His doubts were cleared by his daughter Cambria. His daughter told KCRA, “I saw Eddie’s every look and he really looked like my father. I did research and searched for his name and tried my best.

After this both talked on the phone. Randy says, “We talked a lot, like we’ve been friends for 20 years, it’s unbelievable.”

On the other hand, Eddie was equally astonished. But the family resemblance made her believe that she had found her long-lost brother.

Eddie Waits says, “All of a sudden I got cold from head to toe. At first I thought it was not possible. But when I saw his picture then I saw my father’s picture. I have seen my father, I have seen our father.” Yes, I understand that this is true.”

Both the brothers met for the first time on Sunday. The picture of their meeting has been shared online by a relative.

Both brothers are now making up for the past. Randy says, I have never met my brother, haven’t even seen his picture all my life. Randy is telling me about the family. About my grandfather and I living the family history I never had.”

Eddie says, “It’s an experience beyond imagination. It’s all like a dream. Not just brothers, I’ve found a family I never knew. It’s beyond words.”


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