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Watch out here! For these situations, the SAT could seize you

The nightmare where the Tax Administration Service (SAT) tea embargo could come true, we tell you the situations where this would happen and what assets would pass into their hands.

According to the SAT, the seizure of assets is carried out 30 days after a tax debt is notified to the natural person.

Miscellaneous Tax 2022 establishes that if you have a debt to the Treasury and you have not brought yourself up to date, real estate that is in your name could be seized.

If you find yourself in this situation, the SAT will notify you about the debts due in the tax box, For this reason, it is important that you have it enabled and do not constantly check if your tax situation has irregularities.

These assets can be seized

In accordance with article 151 Bis of the Fiscal Code of the Federation (CFF), the SAT may carry out seizures of:

  • Bank deposits.
  • Savings and investments associated with life insurance.
  • Deposits in national or foreign currency made in any account in the name of the taxpayer.
  • Stocks, bonds and real estate securities.
  • Intangible goods.

To proceed, the SAT will issue a declaration of the seizure, detailing the assets that will be affected. All this through the tax mailbox. The person will have three days to respond to the notice.

That always yes: SAT will give extension to issue invoices 4.0

As a response to complaints from the public and prosecutors, the Service tax administration (SAT) reported that the mandatory for the enforcement of the new electronic invoicing 4.0 will be extended until January 1, 2023with the purpose of granting facilities to taxpayers to comply with their fiscal obligations.

“To the individuals and legal entities that today use the new billing version 4.0 we ask you to continue with it in order to socialize the use of it,” he recommended.

On the other hand, those who still do not use it, are invited to continue with the transition process during the rest of the year, added the tax authority.

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