Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Wapa Television will premiere tonight the series “Doctor Miracle”

Wapa Television will premiere today an inspiring story that will air on Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m.. It is the production made in Turkey “Doctor Miracle”which tells the experiences of a doctor with autism in search of being accepted. Its opening night will be a special two-hour event.

The plot tells the story of Ali Vefa, played by Taner Olmez, a young man with autism. He had a difficult upbringing as he is a genius and has difficulty communicating with others due to his condition. He is a graduate of medical school and his biggest dream is to become a surgeon. Adil’s godfather (Reha Ozcan) he is the head of Anka Hospital and hires him as an assistant doctor.

His arrival at the hospital provokes resistance from the staff who do not believe him capable of doing his job properly. However, little by little, he will show everyone his ability while leading an evolution in his environment, achieving professional and personal unity.

The TV series “The Ambassador’s Daughter will return to the Wapa Televisión screen with its final season in October.

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