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Wall Street wakes up ‘optimistic’ after progress in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

The main stock market indicators of the United States and Mexico present a positive session since the Russian representatives promised that they would reduce their military operation close to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, while the other party said that it would renounce its integration into NATO.

The dow jones grows 0.73 percent to settle at 35 thousand 210.92 units, the S&P 500 rises 0.51 percent, to 4 thousand 598.81 units, while the nasdaq registered an increase of 1.14 percent to stay at 14 thousand 518.71 points.

“The markets extend the positive trend that they presented yesterday, since, according to different media, in the coming days there could be an agreement for peace between Russia and Ukraine. After the meeting between officials of both countries in Turkey, the Russian Secretary of Defense mentioned that his country has achieved the military objectives, while the President of Ukraine mentioned that he will issue a statement on the conclusion of the talks in the coming hours.” , analysts at Actinver pointed out.

On Mexicothe S&P/BMV IPC rises 0.25 percent, to 55 thousand 824.79 points, while the FTSE BIVA increases 0.26 percent to remain at 1,152.74 units.

“No relevant economic indicators are expected today, so we estimate that the biggest catalysts for the session are, on the one hand, the possibility that in the negotiations that began today in Turkey a ceasefire will be reached in Ukraine (Russia). would reduce military presence and does not rule out Putin-Zelenzkiy meeting); and, on the other, the speeches by members of the Federal Reserve (Fed), especially the President of New York,” said Ve por Más analysts.

On the other hand, the bitcoin It is trading at a price of 47 thousand 836.14 dollars per cryptocurrency, which means a decrease of 0.27 percent compared to Monday.

Oil continues to fall

Upbeat news on the Russian-Ukrainian talks has put pressure on oil lower as it could lessen the possibility of further restrictions on Russian crude, so the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) it falls 2.85 percent to have a price of 102.94 dollars per barrel. On the other hand, the Brent it falls 3.01 percent, remaining at a price of 109.10 dollars per barrel.

“The price of oil is falling, due to the optimism generated by the peace talks, and the confinement that continues to affect China. However, there are doubts about possible increases in production by OPEC+ at its next meeting, given the problems in the Black Sea, which reduced Kazakh oil export capacity for the coming weeks,” said Ben Laidler, global strategist. from eToro.

On the other hand, the gold falls 0.64 percent with a price of one thousand 910.48 dollars per ounce and the silver decreases 1.59 percent to stay at a price of 24,181 dollars per ounce.

mixed bonds

In the United States, the rate of return on 10 year treasury notes shows a decline of 3.8 basis points, standing at 2.42 percent.

Analysts from Banco Base indicated that the behavior was due to reduced speculation that the Federal Reserve will raise its interest rate aggressively. While expectations for the Fed’s monetary policy are unlikely to change, lower commodity prices imply a lower risk of inflationary pressures.

In Mexico, the rate of 10 year M bonds shows little change from Monday’s close, standing at 8.54 percent.

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