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Waiting time for H1B visas to be reduced by January, US working faster: Mike Hankey

Hankey said- reducing the visitor visa deadline is Washington’s top priority.


America has received 65000 applications for H1B visa for the financial year 2023. This number is the maximum number approved by the US Parliament (Congress). The US federal agency for immigration services said that another 20,000 H-1B visas can be issued to foreign students who have completed higher education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects from a US university. At present, the approval of President Joe Biden has not yet been received on this.

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The H1B is a nonimmigrant visa that allows US companies to recruit foreign workers into professionals with specific expertise. Technology companies rely on it to recruit thousands of employees every year from countries like India and China. NDTV had a special conversation with United States Consul General Mike Hankey about the delay in getting H1B visa. He says that the waiting time for H1B visa is likely to reduce in the next two months i.e. December-January.

Mike Hankey said, ‘The good news is that the H1B visa has opened the way for Indian applicants to work in the US in the next few months. This will open the way for one lakh new appointments for Indian applicants. It is a matter of pleasure for us to see how many of them come forward and get their complete documentation done.

Currently the waiting time for visitor visa is more than 100 days. Can a reduction in this deadline also be expected in the coming days? In response to this question, Hankey said, ‘We are bringing a lot of resources for visitor visa, reducing its deadline is the top priority of Washington. Our priority in Visitor Visa is also Student, Medical Emergency and Business Visa.

What will be the effect on H1B visa holders and especially on Indians after the layoffs of IT companies? In response, Mike Hankey said, ‘Those people have to take a look at their situation. Sensing the current situation, they should see what they have to do, either they should talk to immigration lawyers or take the help of immigration consultants.

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