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Wado de Pedro and the electoral strategy of the Frente de Todos: ‘One STEP with two formulas’

The Minister of the Interior said that it was Alberto Fernández who decided to reach this instance and ruled out a rupture within the official space.

Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro provided this Saturday some indications about what will be the modality that the Frente de Todos will use to define your candidates with a view to the next elections, recognizing that the most concrete possibility currently being handled by the ruling party is “going for a STEP with two formulas”.

“We are in a process of understanding how to get to the PASO. Today Ior what else is within the actors is to go to a STEP with two formulas”, affirmed the official close to Cristina Kirchner, who is pointed out by many as a possible presidential candidate.

In an interview he gave to radio with you, added that it was Alberto Fernández who “decided to reach this instance.” “That is the scenario proposed and defined by the President last year, when many sectors of the Frente de Todos proposed different alternatives and he, as president of the PJ, defined that we get to this point,” added the minister.

And he remarked: “Today we are following the strategy proposed by Alberto Fernández: that the STEP be used, that there be a STEP to define the candidacies of the front.”

“It seems very healthy to me that there are political discussions within the front and that we can have two models of Peronism within the front. that can be discussed beyond what the President and the Vice President say”, he valued, while it is still in force a management marked by continuous fights and disagreements internal, for example, between Alberto Fernández and his vice.

He also highlighted as positive that “the dialogue process continues, without photos, but continues”. “There is a process of dialogue in the Front regarding what are the steps to follow. So, as there are still some deadlines for the electoral law, it still gives us a little more time. This dialogue process still has time, ”he explained.

In any case, he clarified: “The National Constitution allows anyone to present themselves and become a candidate. The problem is that a president cannot be generated in 20 minutes“.

On the other hand, as he has been doing for some time, De Pedro He avoided speaking about his possible candidacy: “I am a member of a generation that wants to govern Argentina, but we are respectful of the times.”

The Minister of the Interior, who has been moving for more than a year with the expectation of being an option for Cristina Kirchner, in the event that she maintains her position of not running, is not the favorite of La Cámpora or Máximo Kirchner.

Strictly speaking, with the numbers in hand, the deputy makes known his claim that it is Axel Kicillof who represents a pure K list in a hypothetical STEP against the President.

Wado de Pedro: “Order people’s lives”

He also expressed that “our discussion is how to order people’s lives.” “Macri came, generated a transfer of resources to the most thriving sectors that messed up the lives of, at least, the middle class and the lower class,” said De Pedro and affirmed that “that is the discussion.”

The official stated that “we promised to put people’s lives back in order in 2019 and the pandemic, war and drought arrived, but we could also have done things differently with better results” trying “to redistribute by making a greater effort in all areas of government and that is what we ask for today”.

In this context, he mentioned: “Make an effort so that this pain when you see poverty numbers be transformed into concrete policies that change people’s reality”.


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