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Viridiana Moreno case: 2 alleged perpetrators arrested: ‘One is a serial femicide’

Greek Roman ‘N’ Y Adamari ‘N’alleged feminicides of Viridiana Morenowere arrested this Wednesday June 1 in the state of Queretaroassured Ricardo MejiaUndersecretary for Security.

The detainees were located in the municipality of San Juan del Rio. Both people had arrived at the entity a few days ago.

According to the official, the femicides were transferred to Veracruzwhere they will be presented before a control judge to define their legal situation.

The detainees are accused of participating in the murder of Viridiana Moreno Vásquez, who He disappeared on May 18 after attending a job interview to a hotel in CardelVeracruz.

Regarding the detainees, Ricardo Mejía described Greek Román as “a serial femicide”, since it is linked in at least seven homicides against women in entities such as Morelos, Puebla, Veracruz and Querétaro.

Located remains correspond to Viridiana Moreno

During the morning press conference this Thursday, Ricardo Mejía presented a recapitulation of the last moments of Viridiana Moreno before being kidnapped.

The undersecretary indicated that on May 18 at 4:49 p.m., Viridiana met Greek at the entrance of the ‘WELCOME’ hotel. Five minutes later, you see They both board a motorcycle.

Around 7:00 p.m., both were seen driving towards the municipality of Ursulo Galvanwhere the alleged femicide rented an apartment.

In that place was located part of the Viridiana’s outfit. As well as the scooter in which they moved.

“With anatomical elements, recovered through research work, it is allowed to conclude the identification of the victim”, assured Mejia.

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