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Viral Video: Coconut fell on the head of a woman going on scooty… narrowly saved her life

Woman fell on the road after falling coconut on her head

While going on a scooty, a coconut fell on the head of a woman, her life was saved. This incident is from Jalan Teluk Kumbar, a small town in Malaysia. This video, which was caught on camera on Sunday, is becoming very viral on social media. This woman was wearing a helmet, due to which her life was saved. This video of about 28 seconds post on reddit Has been done. It was recorded from the dashcam of the car.


According to local media reports, this scooter was going from Teluk Kumbar to George Town. In the video, a basketball-sized coconut is seen falling on the head of the woman sitting on the back seat of the scooty. Due to this effect, the helmet of the woman opens and she almost faints and falls on the road.

It is further seen in the video that after this the car coming behind the two-wheeler suddenly stops. The woman driving the scooty immediately parked her vehicle and came back and helped the injured friend. In the video, several locals commuting by road stop at the spot and ask other drivers to slow down their vehicles.

The woman was immediately taken to the nearest hospital after this. According to local media, the woman’s treatment is going on in the hospital. According to a Facebook post by local politician Azrul Mahathir Aziz, the woman has been identified as Puan Anita. Aziz said that he reached the hospital and asked the concerned agencies to take immediate action.

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