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Viral Video: 3-year-old girl hanging from the window… then came a “hero”…

Viral Video: 3-year-old girl hanging from 18th floor window rescued


Kazakhstan In (Kazakhstan) a man is being praised like a “hero”. This man played on his life and saved a three-year-old girl from falling to the ground from a height of 100 feet. according to independentThe incident took place in Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan on Wednesday when the girl’s mother had gone shopping. This three-year-old girl climbed out of the window with the help of cushions and toys. After that she was hanging from the window only on her fingers. Shontakabayev was on his way to his office when he saw a crowd looking down at the girl hanging from the window.


In this clip, it is seen that the girl is hanging from the window and Mr. Praveen comes out of his window, exactly one floor below the girl’s house and tries to reach the girl. In this entire footage, it is seen that the life of the hanging girl is in trouble. Proven comes out and asks the girl to leave the window.

It is seen in the video that Pravin is holding the straight leg of the girl. After a few seconds, the girl gives up her grip. Praveen immediately catches the three-year-old girl and hands the girl to someone present inside the room.

Following the incident, The Independent has reported that Kazakhstan’s emergency ministry named the man a hero and awarded a medal for saving the girl’s life by prompting her rescue. The ministry said that 7 people were sent by the emergency department in two vehicles, but when they arrived, they came to know that a man had rescued the girl hanging from the window of the 18th floor.

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