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Vinícius: “I know that I am not going to make Spain a country without racists”

Tail the case Viníciusafter all Racist insults that the Brazilian forward of Real Madrid suffered last season. Vini recognizes how especially hard it has been for him episode that occurred last season at Mestallain last season’s match against Valencia, but he also remembers that it was not the only racist episode since his arrival in Spanish football five years ago, in September 2018.

Racism is the main topic that Vinícius has spoken about in an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe publishes this Friday, highlighting in any case the support it has received from the institutions.

“It happened on many occasions, and in Valencia in a flagrant and important way. I felt very sad. If I am on the ground it is to make people happy. And a group, which I know is a minority, can affect you to the point that you no longer think about playing,” confirmed Vinícius, who claims to have learned a lot from racism. “I learned a lot about racism. Every day I know more. It is a really complex topic. In the past, people suffered slavery. I’m interested in it. I really hope these episodes don’t happen again. “Not only with me, but with all the players, with everyone… And especially with the children.”

The Brazilian attacker knows the influence he has and believes that he is capable of making society see the changes that are needed in this regard: “I have never been denied access to a bathroom because I am black.. I have never been asked to go through the back door of a restaurant because I am black. But for me it was important to know what happened to others. I still know little, despite everything. I read a lot and I want to continue having an influence. My voice is heavy. I can help. It’s not just about football or just about black people. If someone insults you in a way that hurts you, you have to fight it. Until things change.”

Support from institutions

During the interview, Vinícius Jr was asked if he had felt the support of institutions like UEFA or FIFA: “Everyone sends you text messages when something happens, but as soon as it’s over, they don’t talk to you anymore. But I had support! From the club, of course, and also from the players, especially those who have already suffered these things. This is how things will change: if the players are together. When I went through this, I received a lot of support, which is good. Above all, we must continue to fight. This is not going to stop immediately and I will not stop fighting,” he said.

He also spoke about La Liga and his words in which he said that it was owned by racists: “What happened in Valencia was on matchday 35, but in all the away games played before this there were episodes of racism. They never did anything “I had already spoken with La Liga to say that this had to change,” he says.

Vini insists that They only listened to him “from the moment the whole world started talking about Spain” and he is convinced that he can change some things: “Personally I know that I am not going to change history, that I am not going to make Spain a country without racists, nor the entire world. But I know that I can change some things. So that those who “If they arrive in the next few years, don’t go through this, so that the children can have peace of mind in the future. For them I will do everything I can.”

Mbappé and Bellingham

In another order of things, Vinícius has also talked about the possibility of sharing a dressing room one day with Kylian Mbappé or how he helped in some way in the signing of Jude Bellingham. Regarding the Englishman’s arrival, the Brazilian says that “we are very happy that he has signed.I had been messaging him for months! He told him: ‘This is the best team in the world.’ He knew other teams wanted him. He didn’t know him personally but he really wanted him to join us. I saw him play and since I want to play with the best, it was obvious. Jude is one of the best in the world and the whole team loves him. He scores goals, he’s happy.”

Given the possibility of Mbappé joining the Madrid squad, Vinícius highlights that “Kylian has his situation. But here everyone wants to play with him. I hope it happens one day. He is one of the best players, perhaps the best of all today. He has a level…”.

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