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Viñales, the new Sheriff of Austin

It has been a long time since we have seen a race as closely contested and with as many overtakes as the ones that the Moto GP riders have given us this Sunday in Austin. Maverick’s comeback, Pedro Acosta’s endurance and audacity, Martín’s strength and Márquez’s almost reunion with victory, have provided an exceptional spectacle.

Many of us thought that it would be Marc who would take the victory in his favorite circuit and thus be reunited with the first step of the podium. The rider from Ilerda was close, he looked comfortable with the Ducati and confident after being second in the sprint on Saturday, but just when he was leading the race and had the opportunity to open a gap, that extra extra took him to the ground and ruined your options. There was a great desire for Marc to put on his sheriff’s hat again and even the public in the stands lamented the fall of the eight-time world champion.

But glory awaited this Sunday for another driver, Maverick Viñales, who had to come back from tenth position after a failed start from pole that left him touched but not sunk. The Aprilia rider has made history by becoming the only rider to have won with three different motorcycle brands, Suzuki, Yamaha and now Aprilia. Perfect weekend for driver Rosas, victory on Saturday, pole and victory on Sunday; and end of
Almost perfect week for Pedro Acosta who has shown that he is not afraid of anything or anyone, and it is only a matter of time before he scores his first grand prize in the premier category. He led the race, competed like a veteran for position with Márquez, Jorge Martín and Viñales himself and knew how to hold on until the end when the tires lost commitment.

Overtaking race to the limit, which has been decided by details and which shows that although Ducati is the brand to beat and seems to be one step ahead of the rest, neither Aprilia which has won, nor KTM which has also climbed to second step with Acosta, they are going to make it easy for the Italian brand, whose first driver has been Enea Bastianini. Neither Bagnaia, fifth, nor Martin, fourth, have managed to step on the podium this weekend, but both continue to score points in an endurance race where every weekend a new contender for the title joins the ranks.

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