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Villarreal explodes after the referee’s performance: “They are going to think that Barça has more power than anyone else”

In the Villlarreal they try to turn the page after the defeat against Barcelona, ​​but they are aware of everything that happened or did not happen last night with the two referees, the one who was on the pitch, Soto Grado, and the one who was in the game room. VAR, Munuera Montero. There is a lot of indignation and after the meeting, several protagonists, from the yellow club, did not bite their tongues. Gerard Piqué’s hand, avoiding a Danjuma goal, was the object of all criticism. The field referee did not see it or understood that it was not a penalty and the VAR referee understood the same thing, that this play was not an object or suspicion because it was not reviewed.

The CEO of Villarreal, Roig Negueroles, was one of the first to show his anger. He did it in Movistar, when they asked him about that play. “Possible hand, no.” It’s hand. It is incomprehensible that this is not whistled. The referee may not see it, but that’s what the VAR exists for. It is a clear hand that I do not know if it is involuntary or not, but the ball goes towards the goal and the cover with the hand, therefore, it should have been a penalty, “he said.

On the pitch, he spoke Pau Torres, central of Villareal. “We are the only team that has not been called a penalty in favor, and Barça the only one that has not been called any against. Everything was given, it was impossible. To see an offside we are 10 minutes, to see the penalty could have been two, “he said. The next was his partner Manu Trigueros. “It seems to me a very clear penalty by Piqué’s hand. I don’t know what else needs to be done to get a penalty awarded.”

And Unay Emery was missing, the most forceful of all. In the press room he commented that “the VAR are people, they are referees. I do not understand. Someone has to assume responsibilities. I do not understand why that penalty has not been called today and someone has to explain it to Villareal. They have fallen asleep anyway. . I see the image and I think he is going to whistle it. Even five minutes later, I thought he was going to look at it because we have all seen it. And then the Albiol, either? I have the feeling that we are not respected, there are already several similar plays. I do not understand that the VAR does not analyze those two plays. It is bad because Barcelona will not sit well with them not taking penalties because they are going to think that they have more power than anyone so that they do not take that penalty. Wow, it seems that here we have some influence on those decisions, “he said.


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