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Video: They arrested a man who was filmed pasting the posters against Cristina Kirchner

In the last few hours, the Justice arrested a man who was filmed pasting the posters against Cristina Kirchner that appeared this week on various billboards in the City of Buenos Aires. The posters featured a black and white photo of the vice president next to the word “murderer” and the phrases “guilty 35,000 deaths” and “you chose business with Putin instead of saving lives”.

The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas and went identified by the Police of the City of Buenos Aires in security camera footage pasting the posters on various avenues in downtown Buenos Aires.

The man, whose identity did not come out, was driving a Fiat Fiorino patent van LGY025 white owned by the company Geovias S.A., domiciled in Puerto Madero, and no longer active in the country. The company, according to its registration, is dedicated to vehicle rental.

According to the information that emerges from the investigation carried out by prosecutor Mauro Tedesco, of the City Attorney General’s Office, in conjunction with the Buenos Aires Police, the Fiorino entered the City at 00:49 on March 28 through Acceso Oeste and headed down General Paz toward Avenida Balbín, where it was recorded by the digital ring at 1. From there, it circulated through several streets until it was filmed again at 3:43 on Avenida Belgrano and Balcarce. The truck left the City of Buenos Aires along Avenida Alberdi towards the province of Buenos Aires at 5:48 a.m. the same day.

According to the investigation, the posters were made in a printing house in Ramos Mejía.

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In the videos you can see two people getting off the Fiorino with the posters against Cristina and then pasting them on the public billboards of the City. The driver lives in Morón and was identified because, despite the fact that the truck was not in his name, he had given his information when he was driving that vehicle during the pandemic. The man was arrested at his home in Morón by the Buenos Aires Police, at a time when the Buenos Aires police were in the place about to carry out raids.

On Monday, the same day they appeared in the streets, President Alberto Fernández came out to repudiate the appearance of the posters and asked that an investigation be launched to determine who placed them.

The President and his spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerutti, came out to repudiate the campaign through their Twitter accounts. Both had been singled out by Kirchnerism for not repudiating the attack on Cristina’s office a few weeks ago, during the discussion in Congress for the agreement with the IMF.

“As I said yesterday, many insist on dividing us and resort to the greatest baseness. I’m sorry for the damage they cause to good people. Know that seeing them act, they only commit me more to the unity of the Frente de Todos,” said Fernández.

For its part, the government spokesperson emphasized: “The president @alferdez and the national government strictly repudiate the use of an image of the vice president @CFKArgentina on billboards on public roads with insults and accusations. The president instructed that an investigation be carried out immediately to find to the authors.”

The Argentine Chamber of Public Advertising Companies also issued a statement on the subject. “The Chamber wants to express its repudiation not only for the content of the defamation campaign against the Vice President of the Nation and her investiture. But also in our character as businessmen in the sector, express our concern about vandalism and the criminal attitude that this entails the usurpation of our means of communication for these purposes, which we deplore and condemn with the emphasis it deserves,” the statement said.

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