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Video: the viral meme with which Javier Milei targeted the Frente de Todos y Juntos por el Cambio

In the midst of the controversy over the session in the Senate in which the ruling party managed to vote on the modifications to Personal Property and after having supported the call for a “fiscal rebellion” made by José Luis Espert, the libertarian deputy Javier Milei criticized the Front of Todos ya Juntos por el Cambio with a viral meme.

The economist insisted with the idea of ​​”the political caste” to refer to the fact that the ruling party and the main opposition space fight and discuss in the media, but befriend each other in Congress.

In the video there are two dogs that bark at each other and threaten to bite when the fence that separates them, but they stop when the fence is opened and they come face to face. Each one of these dogs represents the Front of All and Together for Change.

“Argentine politics: the caste,” Milei wrote to accompany the video.

Shortly before, also through Twitter, he listed the three characteristics that, according to him, define the deputies who are part of the “caste model.”

“1 – Promotes and supports laws that go against the people it represents; 2 – Purposely ignores the difference between what is legal and what is lawful: perhaps a law that orders the killing of those who thinks differently is lawful ?; 3 – Condemnation and it persecutes those who denounce the crime, “he said.

The deputy elected by the City of Buenos Aires had remained at the center of the scene during the session in the Senate due to the criticism launched by the head of the Frente de Todos block, José Mayans.

“The Javier Milei who speaks is going to last much less than the Alliance minister, Ricardo López Murphy. Totally crazy, they say anything, those are the great analysts,” Mayans had launched.

Milei’s response was not long in coming and, like the video of the dogs, it was also through Twitter: “Poor Senator Mayans, not only does he not perceive the immoral, the inequality before the law and multiple taxation, but he also does not know how to add the number of days. “

Earlier, the economist had also supported Espert in his call for a “tax rebellion.”

“It is interesting that the caste proposes to dismiss those who, in defense of those who create wealth, promote lower taxes or rebellion against the illicit. Thus, the true representatives of the people will be dismissed and the parasites will remain,” Milei wrote with the hashtag #RebelionFiscal.



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