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Video: militants of Javier Milei and Alberto Descalzo, to the pineapples in Ituzaingó

The tense campaign ahead of the October 22 elections, in the midst of the economic crisis that worsened with recent inflation data, escalated this Saturday in Ituzaingó to the point that militants of Javier Milei and the local mayor Alberto Descalzo faced the pineapples while they distributed leaflets.

Libertarians and Peronists distributed leaflets in a small square, a few meters from each other. Tension began to escalate while Mlilei’s followers chanted “the caste is afraid” and a group of militants responding to Barefoot played the Peronist march at full volume on a speaker.

At first the exchanges were almost folkloric, like two fans on a field, but as the minutes passed, the songs gave way to insults and a first fight led to different confrontations.

In one of the videos that circulated on social networks, a libertarian activist is seen hitting one of Barefoot’s followers who was insulting a colleague of his and from there there were some exchanges with blows and insults for several minutes.


From the libertarian space they assure that a group of people who respond to the municipal mayor arrived to tear up his pamphlets.

In another video, a Descalzo follower punched a MIlei militant in the face, accusing him of having hit a young Peronist woman. The man ended up on the ground with a bloody face.

“You don’t hit a woman, huh,” shouted a young man who was with the Peronist militants of Descalzo. At that time, two members of the Buenos Aires Police were unsuccessfully trying to find the different sources of conflict.

The discussion about the confrontation also moved to the networks when the videos went viral. An economist and Kirchnerist activist published one of the videos of the fight and wrote: “How does Milei’s gang from Ituzaingo and La Matanza hit… Are these the ones who come to get rid of “the caste”?”

It didn’t take them long to cross it and one of them was Fernando Cerimedo, the key man in Milei’s digital strategy.

“Sergio, they were handing out leaflets and Alberto Descalzo’s PATOTA went to tear up leaflets. Take charge at least ONCE. The same thing happened at the University of Quilmes,” Cerimedo wrote on Twitter.

It refers to the complaint made days ago by the militants of the group La Julio Argentino (in honor of former President Roca), who accused Kirchnerist groups from the University of Quilmes of burning the leaflets they distributed at the door of one of their faculties. .

“Some young students began to attack us and later did not let the students who belonged to La Julio Argentino enter the classes. They kicked cars, hit them, insulted them and spat,” said the leader of that group, Estefanía Albasetti, on that occasion.

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