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Video. CAN 2022: kick-off against the backdrop of Covid-19

The start of the 33e African Cup of Nations (CAN) will be given on Sunday January 9 in Yaoundé. Cameroon, the host country, will face the Burkina Faso team at 5 p.m. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the new wave linked to the Omicron variant, the continent will live to the rhythm of the 52 matches of the flagship competition of African football.

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But even before the start of the meetings, many selected selections are affected by the virus. The Senegal team, which is one of the favorites, had to postpone its start and three players were declared positive; Gambia had to give up two warm-up matches; at least two players were infected in the Tunisian team; and Nigeria will have to do without their striker Victor Osimhen.

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