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Video: a diplomat from the Israeli Embassy was stabbed in China

An employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing, China, was stabbed this Friday, according to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to a video that went viral on social networks, the man was stabbed several times in a street in the chinese capital. “An Israeli employee at the Israeli embassy in Beijing was attacked,” the ministry said in a statement.

The attack occurred at 2:20 p.m. (3:20 Argentine time) 1.5 kilometers from the Israeli Embassy, ​​in front of a supermarket in the Chaoyang district.

According to the video that went viral, the attacker approached with a large knife to attack the employee. He then limped away. No one came forward to prevent the attack.

According to some witnesses cited by the newspaper La Vanguardia, the aggressor, bald, tall and middle-aged, “did not look Chinese.”

Just a few minutes later, the police arrived following a call from a passerby. She found the employee leaning against a car. He was able to tell what happened to him thanks to a person who spoke in English. He was taken to the hospital, where is “stable”.

Nicolas Burns, US ambassador to China, said he was “shocked” by the attack and contacted his Israeli counterpart, Irit Ben Abba, to give him his support.

The attack comes amid escalating tension in the Middle East following the brutal terrorist attack by Hamas and Israel’s harsh response in the Gaza Strip.

The war between Israel and Hamas has already caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced people in less than a week.

It also coincides with the visit of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, to Beijing, who must meet with the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi. Three Chinese citizens died and two others are missing since the beginning of hostilities last Saturday.

This Friday, a teacher was stabbed to death and several students were injured when a man entered a high school in Arras, in Pas de Calais, two and a half hours from Paris.

The suspect shouted “Allah Akhbaer” (Allah is great) and was detained by the police.

Until now, no claim has been made for the act, which is considered a terrorist attack and the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office intervenes.

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