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VIDEO: 3 teenage girls attack family in America’s subway train, police engaged in investigation of hate crime case

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident.

A video of three teenage girls yelling, cursing and assaulting a family on a Manhattan subway train has gone viral on social media. The New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating a possible hate crime after this video went viral. According to CBS News, the incident happened on an F train in Greenwich Village on Thursday. In the video, all three teenage girls can be seen sitting right in front of the family, before one of them allegedly started the attack. He was heard shouting and abusing a woman, her husband and their 11-year-old twin girls.

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Along with this, he was also recorded punching Joanna Lynn, who was traveling in the train. Later this video was posted on social media. According to CBS News, a girl attacked a 51-year-old woman. He allegedly pulled her hair, punched her repeatedly, made “anti-racist remarks” towards the victim, who is Asian. The girl even punched Lin in order to record the ruckus. Sharing the clip, Lynn wrote, “I am in shock and am still at a loss for words except what I wrote on the reel.” She said, “I will be fine, just a little pain in the head and tailbone.”

The second woman, identified as Soo Young, told the outlet that the violence began when three teenage girls began laughing and pointing at her, her husband and their 11-year-old twin daughters. “Which was an insult. Eventually, my husband felt he needed to intervene and so he said, ‘Can you use some better words than these?’ However, this enraged the girls and they 51 year old woman and started shouting at her family.

When the three realized they were being recorded by Lynn, one of the girls stormed out and allegedly pushed her. Lynn told CBS, “She ran up, grabbed my hair, threw me to the ground and started punching me several times.” Young said she could not watch Lynn being attacked without doing anything to help, so she got up to push the girl away from Lynn, but that’s when the same girl began punching her.

Young’s glasses were broken and she suffered from headaches for days after her hair was pulled. Even there were two big injuries on his arm. Speaking to the outlet, she said that other passengers came to her rescue. He and his family, along with Lynn, got off at the next station, where the police were called. Now, the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident.

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