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Vico C: “What I do want is to make them uncomfortable”

Known as “the philosopher of rap”, a nickname with which he has been identified by more than one generation throughout his career, Vico C He is considered the predecessor of Latin hip hop by serving as an inspiration for the old and new school of reggaeton.

Time has flown by for the artist, who, between legal disputes and agreements with a record label, has seen more than a decade go by. However, this time not only helped him to work on other projects, but also so that the muse did not stop and thus continue with his lyrical and musical explosion to this day, 14 years later, offering it to his faithful followers and to the new generations.

“It is difficult to understand sometimes why 14 years, but yes, time flies and there are things like that that take a long time. I kept working, what I didn’t do was a new record to market because legally it was a hassle to do so. I made proposals here and there with songs like ‘Boquete pa tu techo’, ‘Sucio’, I made the film, I also did the Choliseo… Active and traveling doing concerts, normal. But, As for me, I was used to also singing songs that I have recorded lately and 5, 6, 8 or ten years went by without being able to release, it was painful for someone who has a lot to give at the moment for the generation of now ”, explained the singer.

The artist will be recognized tomorrow at the Tu Música Urbano Awards as a “pillar figure of the urban movement in Puerto Rico.” (VANESSA SERRA DIAZ)

That prolonged pause, which could have tasted like silence, is what today makes him feel like someone who is experiencing a relief and enjoying this return with full hands, with a host of issues that he worked on while the disputes continued their course. He will be recognized tomorrow at the Tu Música Urbano Awards as a “pillar figure of the urban movement in Puerto Rico”, where the history of rap “bears his signature”, is also part of this celebration.

“Today I am letting off steam, I am super grateful to God because he answered all those prayers. For example, with ‘Ella va’ it was a song that I produced eight years ago, so you understand that it’s a record made that way, that sporadically I kept working. I took each song as a project because each one was made to be a ‘single’, in its respective time. When the legal issues were not settled, well, they stayed there and then little by little an album was formed ”the Puerto Rican rapper told El Nuevo Día.

Without shooting Daddy Yankee

There were many who longed for the return of Luis Armando Lozada Cruz –his first name-, so there was a lot of expectation in the environment. It was with the song “Ask your dad about me” with which he launched into the musical arena again a little over two months ago. Without intending to, as he explained, he made a candle with it, because for many it was a “tiraera” for the urban exponent daddy yankee.

“It made sense that they thought it was directed at Daddy Yankee because of what he said in an interview and people didn’t know that I had done this song a year before he gave that interview. So they connected it and thought that mine was like an answer. But no, I really had it written a long time ago. It was for everyone. The reason I did it is a reason that gets me into more trouble than just one person, believe me,” he clarified about the song, which he released after signing with Nain Music, a division of Rimas Entertainment.

“If my intentions were different, well, I would say ‘ok, I won, people gave it to me, I crushed the guy’. But, that’s not my attitude. Making a song to crush an individual’s self-esteem wouldn’t do that. It was really what I have always done, a song for everyone, for everyone who likes it, as they say out there, with the good intention for my country and for the world”, added.

However, in said hip hop with which he reflects on the current situation of the urban genre, he made reference to “urban little star”, for which many may have felt alluded to.

“They feel bad because I’m pointing clearly, I’m speaking quite clearly in the song. If they get mad at me it is not the intention nor do I get into that kind of encouragement. What I do want is to make them uncomfortable. But, I want them to always understand that this is with compassion, that this is with a very serious mission and that, eventually or right now, both to them and to their children or grandchildren who come around, their wives and daughters, this type of song will be of benefit to all. What worries me is that they do not understand that I am not doing this to make controversy, ”he emphasized.

Vico C assures that today he is the same as 14 years ago, but more mature and stronger in all kinds of vulnerability that he may have had.
Vico C assures that today he is the same as 14 years ago, but more mature and stronger in all kinds of vulnerability that he may have had. (VANESSA SERRA DIAZ)

He carries a message with his “Panic”

This pioneer of rap in Puerto Rico, beyond this “controversy”, says he has a mission with the album “Pánico”, whose songs also include a fusion of contemporary sounds, but all without straying from his message.

“As an artist I remain true to good lyrical form and music. As a man I keep myself with a mission, that’s why I do it, because if I were just as an artist and I kept in the egocentrism of wanting to be a ‘number one’ and that’s it, well then ‘Ask your dad about me’ I wouldn’t would have existed, ‘Even if I drop dead’, it would not have existed, if my mentality were different. I make good music because I want to be a good artist, but the lyrics I do is because I want to be a child of God, who says what God wants me to say.”he pointed out.

And it is that the Vico C of today is the same as 14 years ago, but more mature and stronger in all kinds of vulnerability that he may have had. This produced the 13 songs of the new album; conceptualizing each merger, and producing the tracks.

“It is a super well-cared album in lyrics and music. Contains two tracks that are not mine, one is from Soprano, one by Gonzalo and there is another one that half was made by my son and half by me, because we are a collaboration not only vocally and lyrically, but also rhythmically, because my son also makes tracks. He did one part and I did the other, it’s a total collaboration. I have Aldo, the one from the old guard, the one from the Villagers, a song that is one of the toughest”, the artist with four decades of experience abounded.

Meanwhile, he highlighted the song “Corrupción en tu Espejo”, for which he had the collaboration of one of his favorites in hip hop, Nino Freestyle, from the Dominican Republic, whom he considers “a genius of poetry and flow hip hopnian”. Along with the release of the album, she released “Sola se va” in promotion, which serves as the culmination of “Ella Va”, which she released a few weeks ago.

“It’s not the ‘Panic’ that people might think coming from me, like ‘hey, we’re chavamos’. I am not referring to the panic that is marked on the face of some momentary things or the shock of the moment. I think there are different types of panics that occur gradually, depending on the situation. That’s why I put the album like that, because of the real songs it includes, which -although danceable and they are going to be enjoyed-, are life songs, which open the door for me to give them a solution, ”he argued.

Proud father and grandfather

His children along with his wife Sonia Torres have the artistic vein of their father, which they have developed organically, due to the environment in which they grew up and because it is a united family, according to what he says. As well as his son Luis who collaborated with him on a track, his youngest daughter Enny She is part of this musical project by showing her talents as an actress and dancer in the song “Ella Va”.

“Now there are more serious plans, especially with the youngest, who is no longer a girl, she is a mother and knows that she is an artist, and she is hungry to go out and do ‘heavy’ things with her voice and with her everything. It scares me because when they see her in the two videos, Netflix or someone from Hollywood might be interested and take it away. Sure, it would be good for her and her career, but as her father I would suffer, “she said.

With maturity being the father of Marangely, Luis Gabriel, Enni Vilmar, María Angely, Enny and Joselyn, his role as a grandfather has also come, which he enjoys “triplely” and describes what it is like to be “like a father, but on steroids.”

“It is the same thing, but triple. Not triple the love, but triple the deal for that love there is. One is more mature. My eldest grandson is already three years old, I have another one and, as they say, the granddaughter has just been born. It is something too big and serious for me. I can tell you more about the eldest who lives at home, because the others live here in Puerto Rico and I live in Orlando. When he was born, which is why I became a grandfather, the world really changed. Chicken, that’s what we call my grandson, is like my new son. He is autistic and that makes him even more special because he has a very interesting world for one to explore and his brilliance in his way, the intelligence that he has. It is a cool experience, very instructive and profound, ”he shared about his grandson to whom he dedicated the song“ Now ”.

album art "Panic"
“Panic” album cover (Supplied)

“Panic” (themes)

– “Panic”

– “Blam Blam”, with AL2 The Villager

– “Crazy crazy dies”

– “I ask god”

– “Blip Blip”, with Loupz

– “Ask your dad about me”

– “If we don’t sit down”

– “Corruption in your mirror”, with Nino Freestyle

– “She goes”

– “Saturday 14″

– “Hard leather”

– “She goes alone”

– “Now”

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