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Vicente Saavedra and Clarissa Molina are getting married

“Since I met him I knew he was the man I was going to marry, but I didn’t know if this man was going to ask me the question at this time,” were the words with which the Dominican television presenter, Clarissa Molinaannounced her engagement to Puerto Rican music producer Vincent Saavedra.

According to the magazine Hello! Uses, the celebrity couple chose the Virgin Islands for this special moment. However, the former manager of the urban interpreter Ozuna he had talked to the Molina family last December, and got their blessing.

Another detail that the exclusive interview revealed was that Saavedra ordered the ring with the “G Wagon” interpreter’s jeweler and daddy yankee.

“I told Clarissa to go see the ‘sunset’ at a part of the beach in particular, because there you can see it better than anywhere in the world and it was quite a story. We went back to the hotel, changed and found ourselves downstairs, there was a golf cart that we got into. We went down a big slope, a mountain, and we arrived at a very nice private island. I look out of the corner of my eye and see my boys hiding… I grabbed her hand and told her: ‘My love, I want to talk to you’, we walked along the shore of the beach and I told her that I had never felt so happy, so well… what if she felt the same as me”, said the businessman.

Saavendra continued with the story: “She answered yes. Then she realizes something and from there I flipped her over and there was ‘Marry me’ on the sand and I knelt down because I wanted her to feel like a queen. I told her everything I felt, she had a cell phone at that time, she dropped it or threw it, she burst into tears and we hugged. She said yes to me and everyone came out of her hiding place to celebrate (laughs). At the moment a lady arrived, she began to sing”.

Molina, for his part, stated that “since we met, I knew that this was the man. Everything has been perfect since it started, as it has happened.”

“The ring is incredible, it is beautiful and he wanted it to be something very special like our love. Beyond what it may be worth, the significant value, he told me that he deserved something like the ring that he is giving me,” he added.

Surely many will wonder, when and where will the wedding be? Being from different countries, each one wants it to be on their land or in Miami. The date, on the other hand, has not been confirmed. What is certain is that the celebration will take place this year.

Molina and Saavedra met in 2018 when he worked for Ozuna, and Clarissa were recording the movie “Qué León”. The relationship was formalized after seeing each other in the Sovereign Awards week, where the presenter, after some rehearsals, went out to dinner with who today will be her future husband.

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