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Very harsh statement from Real Madrid for what happened in the final in Paris

Real Madrid asks for explanations and also does so in a forceful way. The white club has issued a statement demanding responsibility for the lack of security and organization evident in Paris during the celebration of the Champions League final against Liverpool. Robberies, violence, fans sneaking in… all this took place in the French capital without anyone having yet given an explanation.

This is the statement from Real Madrid:

Given the unfortunate events that took place on May 28 in the vicinity and entrances to the Stade de France, including inside the stadium itself, Real Madrid CF would like to state the following in defense of our supporters who were victims of these events :

1.- We want to know what were the reasons that motivated that designation of the venue of the final and what criteria were taken into consideration taking into account what happened that day.

2.- Likewise, we ask for answers and explanations that determine who was responsible for leaving the fans helpless and defenseless. Some followers whose general behavior was at all times exemplary.

We understand that what should have been a great celebration of football for all the fans who attended the match turned into unfortunate events that have caused deep outrage around the world.

As has been clearly seen in the revealing images offered by the media, many of the fans were violently assaulted, harassed, robbed and robbed. Some events that also took place when they were driving in their cars or buses fearing for their physical integrity. Some of them even had to spend the night in the hospital for injuries received.

Football has transmitted to the world an image far removed from the values ​​and objectives that it must always pursue.

Our followers and fans deserve a response and that the relevant responsibilities be cleared up so that situations like the ones experienced are eradicated forever from football and sport.

Real Madrid’s statement leaves no room for doubt. They want justice with their fans, who had a really bad time before the match due to the lack of control around Saint Denis.

While that happens, UEFA and the Parisian authorities continue to deny the major and throw balls out when it comes to assuming responsibilities.

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