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Very harsh criticism of Real Madrid: “They treat us like products, there is a very dangerous environment”

bombshell in the real Madrid. One of the most charismatic players of the team, Kosovo Asllani, fires a bullet at the leaders of the merengue team who are in charge of the women’s soccer section. The Swedish has decided to leave Madrid for free this summer and the reasons are not sporting. Asllani’s accusations are especially serious:

“A created culture in the club i would call insane for the female players. Among other things, almost I was forced to play injured. the management team did not listen to the medical team“, declared Asllani, who has left Real Madrid after three seasons, in an interview with the Swedish agency TT.

Asllani described “dangerous” environment and he considers it “important” to tell about his experience if changes are to be achieved, since “no one” has done so until now.

The striker, who is in the concentration of her team in Sweden before the next European Championship, assured that already thought about leaving last year the club, of which she has been a fan since she was a child, but decided to give her one more chance and renewed her contract.

“They refuse to listen to the medical team and the players. It is no coincidence that I was injured and had a relapse, because all the time they pushed you to play injured or sick. It’s not a healthy environment and I think the club, which I care a lot about, is in the wrong hands,” she said.

Asllani, 32, said was “forced” to leave the club if he wanted to have a long career and that before signing for his next team, everything indicates that it will be Milan, he made sure that the medical team decides there. At Real Madrid, players are treated “as products and not as people”, because what matters are the results.

Just as critical as her compatriot has been Sofia Jakobsson who shared a dressing room with Asllani at Real Madrid, the club she left last summer. “You think it’s an unprofessional environment, where maybe you had higher expectations and expected them to take care of their players and had a desire for them to be injury-free and perform at their peak. Not being half-injured and playing or being forced to play.”

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