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Veracruz has justice ‘omission, mediocre and mean’; Monreal demands youth release

The application of informal preventive detention for the crime of outrages to authority It is an abuse of power and violation of human rights, said Senator Ricardo Monreal.

The legislator pointed out that this is the case of six young people in Veracruz who have been detained Several months under the figure of that crime.

“Since September in that federative entity, six young people have been detained, and many more, who were deprived of their liberty in a shopping center and who, without resisting or committing attacks, were charged with this crime. Like them, there are hundreds of more people who for the same crime are deprived of their liberty in Veracruz, “he said in a video shared on his social networks.

Monreal denounced the actions of a judge in that entity who decided not to release the young people despite the fact that there was evidence that proved their innocence, “becoming a comfortable accomplice of authoritarianism ”.

The senator noted that a federal judge ordered the detainees to regain their freedom. However, the local magistrate did not respect the decision and, what is more, “went on vacation”, and the judge who acts in place of the judge alleged ignorance of the case, therefore did not order that the young people leave the jail.

“What local justice that the Veracruz population has, ominous, mediocre and mean. This extraordinary people does not deserve it, ”he said.

For this reason, the senator believed that the federal judge should declare the local judges in contempt. He also requested the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission to demand the release of the youth and repair the damage.

“In a personal way, as president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic, I will make an exhortation, a formal request to the plurality of the Congress of the State of Veracruz, so that before the conclusion of ordinary sessions, or even in an extraordinary period, they repeal this ominous and absurd crime, “he added.


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