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Venezuela: María Corina Machado challenged the Chavista regime and resubmitted her candidacy but the electronic system rejected her

The candidate of the democratic unity, María Corina Machado, denounced in her account had not been able to register with the National Electoral Council (CNE) because the opposition parties that were going to nominate her do not appear in the electoral system, while her followers had expectations to accompany her on the first day of the nominations.

“Alert at this time, almost 12 hours after the process began, I inform you that the only two cards of the democratic unit eligible to apply to the CNE (MUD and UNT), They do not have access to the system to do so“Machado wrote.

The candidate nomination process runs from March 21 to 25 and candidates must register during that period with the cards of the parties that support them.

The CNE directive has not given any explanation of the reason which does not include, for now, the cards of the MUD (Democratic Unity Table, former card of the Democratic Unitary Platform PUD) and the UNT (Un Nuevo tiempo) of Governor Manuel Rosales.

The first to register were two politicians allied with the Nicolás Maduro regime without any obstacles. These are Luis Eduardo Martínez, known by the alias “el burro”, who ran for the Democratic Action party (intervened by the Government) and Daniel Ceballos, former mayor of Táchira, for the Voluntad Popular party and Arepa Digital.

The first of those registered invited all the opposition candidates to leave their differences behind and go united to the presidential elections on July 28 so that victory is a reality while Ceballos, an opponent who has allied the Chavista regime, has no scruples to flirt with the opposition.

Still with hope

“I am waiting for the call to accompany María Corina to the registration of her candidacy in the CNE,” he told Clarion Beatriz Campos. “I leave my job at whatever time to go to the demonstration,” she added, very determined, hoping to see her registered.

Opposition leader María Corina Machado arrives at the headquarters of the political party Vente Venezuela (VV), in Caracas (Venezuela). Photo EFE

In the streets of Caracas, Lilian Hernández who leads the “women with María Corina” was ready with her banners and propagandist paraphernalia to accompany the unit’s candidate to register her application in the CNE when they opened registration this Thursday and “also for the one she appoints to replace her.”

The registration of the opposition candidate María Corina Machado, called this Thursday to participate in the presidential elections on July 28, despite the arbitrary disqualification that weighs against her and the arrest of the heads of her campaign command, maintained high expectations among his thousands of followers in the midst of great uncertainty about whether he would go to the CNE.

This Wednesday, one day before the violent attack against two of his main team leaders, Henry Alviarez and Dignora Hernández, by SEBIN agents, the regime’s political police, and the arrest warrant for seven more members of his command. dictated by prosecutor Tarek William Saab, María Corina decided to change tactics in announcing his plans.

In addition to the arrests of Alviárez and Hernández, the Public Ministry (MP) issued arrest warrants against seven other people: Oswaldo Bracho, Pedro Urruchurtu, Omar González Moreno, Humberto Villalobos, Claudia Macero, Fernando Martínez Mottola and Magalli Meda (head of his campaign command).

With the arrest and arrest warrant for the leaders of his campaign team, The Chavista regime tries to leave the unity candidate alone and without much chance of him appointing a substitute he trusts.

“The regime does this to close the electoral path within hours of the nominations as a sign of weakness because they know they have been defeated,” said María Corina.

He maintains that the statements of prosecutor Saab, the executing arm of Chavismo, are lies and that the government’s actions confirm what was said by the UN Determination Commission today that the regime has systematically continued to violate human rights and imprison the opponents, which has been rejected by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Prosecutor Saab said that the arrests were issued after one of the regional heads of María Corina’s command and her Vente Venezuela party, Emil Brandt, detained last week, had “confessed” to an alleged conspiracy against Maduro. In the images that the prosecutor showed on the networks A drugged Brandt is seen reading a statement of the conspiracy plans.

The liberal leader said she trusted Emil Brandt and “He doesn’t want to imagine what they did to him so that he said what he said.” She warned that these actions will not serve to isolate her and leave her alone because she has the support of the people.

This same week, the Chavista CNE ordered the exclusion of 16 opposition political parties and movements from the 35 that had registered to participate in the July 28 elections. He left only two opposition organizations: the MUD card (former coalition of the Democratic Unitary Platform PUD that supports María Corina) and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) of Governor Manuel Rosales.

It turned out that in her meeting with Governor Manuel Rosales, who may play an important role in the debate, María Corina could use the UNT card for the candidacy that she decides for the unity of the opposition.

Maduro panics

María Corina has received overwhelming support from opposition organizations. Benigno Alarcón, director of the Center for Political and Government Studies of the Andrés Bello Catholic University, maintains that the Maduro government has panicked and will do everything possible to divide the opposition.

For Alarcón, Prosecutor Saab’s decision is an action by the government to try to generate anxiety “a few hours before the candidacy nomination process begins.”

In the opinion of Professor Alarcón this is “a desperate attempt to break the Unity and separate the opposition from the candidate elected in the Primary.”

“It is up to the opposition, and especially the Unidad, including Un Nuevo Tiempo and its leader, Manuel Rosales, to demonstrate what they have always affirmed, that the Unidad exists, and must be stronger today than ever. The government panicked and will do everything possible to divide the opposition,” he added on his X account.

The specialist emphasized that in the next few hours It will be known what the Venezuelan opposition is made of.

“Personally, I aspire and hope that in the next few hours the true opposition leadership will speak out with one voice, and take the first steps to advance together towards a new democratic stage,” he concluded.

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