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Venezuela: a group of Chavistas brutally attacked Juan Guaidó

The interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaidó was the victim this Saturday of a brutal aggression by a group of chavista militants, who attacked him while he was on a tour of the Cojedes district.

The incident occurred in a meeting center located in the city of San Carlos, where the opposition leader to Nicolas Maduro arrived as part of a tour of his country.

It was there that he unexpectedly came across a caravan of supporters of Chavismo who began to both insult him like hitting him in a violent sequence that was filmed and spread through social networks.

In the videos that recorded the event, it is seen how more than a dozen people rush against the leader shouting “Get Guaidó out.”

It is then that some of the militants begin to aggressively push and beat him while others objects such as glass and even chairs fluttered around him who were on the spot. A woman dressed in red is also seen banging on windows and throwing things in her path.

Finally, it is shown how Guaidó is taken out of the room being pulled by his shirt by the same attackers.

The images began to circulate quickly through Twitter, where some people pointed out that it was an escrache that some neighbors had made in a restaurant where he had gone to eat.

Juan Guaidó defending himself from an attack in Venezuela

However, it was from the same Guaidó environment that they explained the episode and described the aggression as a “ambush”.

“I see people confused (and unfortunately people spreading that): Guaidó was not taken out of a restaurant by disgruntled Venezuelans. Nor was it a restaurant (it was a meeting space). And they were not ordinary citizens but of the regime. It was an ambush,” tweeted Freddy Guevara, a member of Voluntad Popular.

And he added: “For those who ask for context: Chavista groups ambushed an activity by Guaidó and attacked him. The dictatorship began to say that they were “opponents”, but here is a clear image of two of the aggressors (PSUV leaders),” he wrote attaching an image of those responsible.

He also assured that the aggression continued even after what the recorded videos show.

Fabiana Rosales, Guaidó’s wife, who gave him her support on the networks, also spoke about it: “No threat, ambush or aggression will take us away from our duty and responsibility: to be next to our people. You are brave, we are proud of you Juan Guaidó”, he wrote.

The tour of Juan Guaidó in the city

Cojedes was one of the districts chosen by the interim Venezuelan president on his tour of the country. There, before the attack, he had met with neighbors in a massive rally that he shared on Twitter.

“Cojedes is a land that faced and defeated the dictatorship. Today we came to look for you to consolidate unity, a tool that has been effective throughout this struggle to challenge and defeat a regime that wants to accustom us to tragedy. # SeMovilizaCojedes”, he wrote in his account.

In another post, he added: “While the dictatorship cannot see the face of the people, we are in the streets of all of Venezuela and we will remain here. Despite the threats, we are moved by the defense of democracy, of Venezuela and of the family that we are going to recover,” he said.


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