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US Supreme Court bans use of race-ethnicity for university admission, Biden objects

President Joe Biden said, “This decision of the Supreme Court is a major blow to the decades-old practice. This practice has promoted educational opportunities for African-Americans. It has also opened the way for other minorities. has departed from precedent.” He said that universities should not give up their commitment to create a diverse student body.

Discrimination still exists in America – Biden
Biden said, “Discrimination still exists in America.” Today’s decision of the court does not change this. It is a simple fact that if a student has overcome adversity in the path of education, colleges should recognize and value it.” He added, “I believe that our colleges are stronger when They are racially diverse. We cannot consider this decision as final.

What did the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court say?
According to news agency AFP, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion that although the action was taken with good intent and implemented in good faith, it cannot last forever. He also wrote that this is unconstitutional discrimination against others. With this, the Chief Justice wrote, “The student should be treated as a person on the basis of his experiences, not on the basis of race.”

A year after overturning guarantees of women’s abortion rights, the court’s conservative majority has again shown its readiness to end liberal policies in place since the 1960s, FP reports.

What else did the court say?
The Court stated that universities are free to consider an applicant’s background, whether, for example, they grew up experiencing racism, but to decide primarily on the basis of whether the applicant is white, black or other, Racism in itself is discrimination. The Chief Justice said that constitutional history does not tolerate that option.

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