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Urban artists who impose fashion

Many urban artists not only share their love for the reggaeton, but also his passion for fashion. Karol G, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Rosalía and Lunay are just some of the artists who have set trends for their “fashion” style and have collaborated with distinguished companies, since they carry a “status” within the world of fashion.

Below we share the news of some of the most outstanding:

Balvin’s Jordans

Paisa reggaeton J Balvin recently reached a new record by becoming the first artist in YouTube history to have 11 videos with more than a billion views. In addition, he has just been declared the first Latin artist to position 33 songs on the Billboard charts of any genre. However, among so much success, if there is a feat that satisfies him and fills him with pride, it is having become the first Latin artist to have his own retro Jordan brand sneakers.

This is the model of the “Air Balvins” that Amazon sells. (Capture / Amazon)

Balvin had been working on this dream for almost three years and made it a reality after negotiating directly with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, as reported to ESPN. Balvin confessed that he was in love with the Air Jordan 1S sneakers, which were released in 1985, the year the Colombian was born. He wanted his own design of these shoes, so why not give it a try?

The design, which he likes to call Air Balvins, combines yellow, red, green and blue tones with the happy face that distinguishes the reggaeton player.

Karol G signs up another

Although he does not launch tennis, he also joins the fashion of footwear. Who are we talking about? From Karol G. It turns out that the Colombian reggaeton artist, who stands out for her “look”, will now give more to talk about because this week she joined the Crocs brand to create special designs.

“Today is a reminder to all my fans to have self-love,” the singer said in a statement reviewed by People en Español. “My collaboration with Crocs has been an incredible experience. It was such an honor to be able to work on the design and create the jibbitz charms that really express the message that I wanted people to get when they saw it, love, self love.”

This new collection will be available in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru. In this way, Karol G becomes the first female artist recognized in the United States and Latin America to collaborate with that company.

change the step

The Bad Rabbit has literally changed the pace this year as he has become the first Latin artist to collaborate with the American brand Adidas, just as it was announced exclusively in the video for the song “I seen like this”. This time, the voice of ‘Yo perreo sola’ collaborated to create sneakers in her style.

Although the release date has not yet been announced, it is known that they are inspired by the model AdidasForum, which came out in 1984 and was initially intended for basketball players. Bad Bunny’s shoes are brown and yellow and they have the album logo on the tongue ‘X100PRE’, that is, the representative eye of the reggaeton player. The slightly wide and wide appearance of him is also in line with Benito’s style, reports the El Tiempo page.

Through his Instagram stories, Bad Bunny shared a video showing a pair of cream-colored shoes, in one of the brand’s classic models, with gray laces.

However, it is not the first time that the Bad Rabbit has ventured into shoe design.. In September of last year he released his line of Crocs in which the singer created Swedish shoes that glow in the dark and that sold out in 16 minutes, review His version of this shoe is the Classic Clog model and is decorated with pins designed by the Puerto Rican: a rabbit, a flame of fire, stars and Saturn.


This young man, barely 20 years old, not only attracts for his music, but also because he has positioned himself as one of the most “fashionable” urban singers.

Lunay posed for the lens of prominent photographer Omar Cruz in these exclusive images for Magacín.
Lunay posed for the lens of prominent photographer Omar Cruz in these exclusive images for Magacín. (OMAR CRUZ)

That sense of fashion is what allows him to make a good selection of the trousseau with which he shows off in public, and it has attracted attention. Last September, the Pull & Bear brand invited him to collaborate with the relaunch of its Sicko19 line. This line for men is aimed at a public that opts for the urban, as it has limited edition garments full of color, including t-shirts and sweatshirts with the name and image of the Puerto Rican artist.

“We explained my vision to the Pull & Bear designers. My favorite colors and how I like to be at home, which is something more relaxed, but without losing the ‘flow’, Lunay commented in an interview with Magacín.


The Spanish singer, actress, composer and producer Rosalía, whose boyfriend is the Puerto Rican rapper Rauw Alejandro, is also a fashion lover, so it is not news that she has been selected twice as ambassador for the MAC cosmetics line.

Last September, presented her new makeup collection full of the passion for fashion and beauty of the singer, who goes by the name MAC Aute Couturewhich includes an eyeshadow palette.

Likewise, in 2020, together with MAC, she launched a red lipstick, one of the singer’s favorite shades, which served to raise funds for organizations that help those who live with HIV/AIDS or belong to the LGBTQIA+ community.

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