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UPTET 2022: During the TET exam in Amethi, a unique way of copying came to the fore, caught

UPTET Exam: A copycat caught in Shiv Pratap Inter College, Amethi


This time in the UP TET exam, all the strict arrangements were made by the government to prevent paper leaking as well as to prevent copying, but still the copycats have to admire the courage that they showed the audacity to copy. A similar incident was seen in Amethi, where a candidate who adopted a unique approach to copying was caught. The matter was of Shiv Pratap Intermediate College in Amethi, where a young man was speaking continuously during the examination. If the teacher suspected something due to his constant speaking, then he was investigated.


Initially, the matter was not caught, but when strictness was done, he started crying and it was found that he had bluetooth installed in his ear. Through this, he was getting the question resolved by telling it. Bluetooth was so embedded in the ear that it had to be taken to a primary health center to be removed. Where doctors pulled out the bluetooth fitted inside the ear with the help of tweezers. On learning of this incident, a huge crowd gathered and started reacting in their own way to this unique method of copying. SDM Amethi Sanjeev Kumar Maurya said that as soon as this matter came to light during the examination in Shiv Pratap Inter College of Amethi Kotwali, the police reached the spot and arrested the student and started investigation.


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